Nabila Haniss net worth

Nabila Haniss net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Nabila Haniss

Nabila Haniss net worth

Nabila Haniss is one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the world. It has been claimed that the current estimate of Nabila Haniss net worth reaches as much as 10 million dollars. A huge part of her net worth has been accumulated not only because of her being an entrepreneur, but because of her involvement into TV reality shows. Currently, she is known from the TV show called “Storage Wars”, which is a hit show on the A and E network. The show plays an important role when it comes to accumulating of Nabila Haniss net worth.

The first episode of the show was aired in the end of the year 2010 and since that time it has received a lot of success with getting huge viewership. Two spin-offs of this show are also known to be airing, such as “Storage Wars: New York” and “Storage Wars: Texas”.

The show is focused on buyers and auctioneers, who try to snag valuable items which are auctioned off. Nabila Haniss got famous when she bought an item, which included things which belonged to Paris Hilton. It has been stated that later Nabila Haniss sold those items for 10 million dollars.

This made her to be one of the most successful cast members of the show and it also increased he overall amount of Nabila Haniss net worth.

Moreover, talking more about her involvement in the show, it is portrayed how Nabila Haniss is having many arguments with the original members of “Storage Wars”. Nabila Haniss also mentioned that they act like they are a ‘traveling circus’ on the show. Thus, besides her success as a buyer and seller on the show, her relationship with the rest cast members is not going on so well. However, it does not stop her to be one of the leading members of the show.

In fact, Nabila Haniss is getting on well with one member of the show, that being Dave Hester. However, Dave Hester himself is calling Nabila Haniss as his one of the main rivals.

On the second season of the show, Nabila Haniss appeared in five episodes. In the third season, Nabila Haniss continued to appear more and more. Thus, with her continuing appearances on the show, it is also expected that the overall sum of Nabila Haniss net worth also will increase, knowing her talent to buy and sell items on the show.

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nabila haniss net worth nabila haniss net worth

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