Nancy Kerrigan net worth

Nancy Kerrigan net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Nancy Kerrigan

Nancy Kerrigan net worth

It has been claimed that the overall estimate of Nancy Kerrigan net worth is 8 million dollars. She has earned a huge part of her success through her career as a figure skater and as such she has also received many awards and recognition. She was born in Massachusetts in 1969. In 1993, she got the title of the US National Champion. In addition, in 1994 Nancy Kerrigan participated in the Olympic Games, where she won a silver medal. Furthermore, 1992, she became a winner of a bronze medal in the same games. With such winnings, the total estimate of Nancy Kerrigan net worth has also increased a lot.

Nancy Kerrigan to a huge part of the public is known not for her achievements, but for being attacked by a husband of Tonya Harding, who is also a famous figure skater. She was attacked in 1994 when she ended her practice session on ice and was leaving the ring during the US Figure Skating Championships organized in Detroit. Later, it was investigated that the man who attacked her was the husband of Tonya Harding. He stuck Nancy Kerrigan several times with a nightstick on her knee. The video tape that was recorded when he attacked Nancy Kerrigan was shown to different parts of the world.

Later, it was made sure that it was not Tonya Harding’s husband himself, but a man who was hired by him, named Jeff Gillooly. After the attack was made, it was debuted a lot about whether Tonya Harding herself knew about the fact that her husband was planning this attack. However, she later was also pled guilty. Tonya Harding was able to compete at the Olympic Games of 1994, however, she did not give an excellent performance there. Nancy Kerrigan, on the other hand, was praised for her performance a lot.

Six weeks passed after the attack and Nancy Kerrigan appeared on the ice ring giving a splendid routine, which most people believed would be awarded with a gold medal. However, she did not get it, but was awarded with a silver medal. Some time later, Tony Harding was disqualified from all the events in ice skating, whereas Nancy Kerrigan continued this career and it has increased Nancy Kerrigan net worth by a mile. Some people also believe that if it was not for the previously mentioned attack, today she would not be as much known as she is.

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