Naomi Campbell net worth

Naomi Campbell net worth

Net Worth: $48 Million

About Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell net worth

Naomi Campbell is one of the best paid supermodels in the world. Currently, it has been announced that the actual amount of Naomi Campbell net worth reaches 48 million dollars. Her career as a model started when she was 15 years old. Since then, she has appeared in a lot of magazine covers and has been a face of various worldwide known companies.

Between the years 1980-1990 Naomi Campbell was recognized and titled as one of the most wanted and biggest in-demand models. Also, according to the fashion world, Naomi Campbell is titled as one of the six model, who are recognized as the supermodels. Therefore, modeling brought her a lot of success and also increased the total estimate of Naomi Campbell net worth.

Her professional career is important to the public, but also her personal life is also interesting. Especially,

Naomi Campbell has been getting a lot of publicity because of her relationships with various stars, such as actor Robert de Niro and boxer Mike Tyson. Also, Naomi Campbell has been known before as a victim of various assaults.

Naomi Campbell was born in South London and grew up in a care of her mother, who was working as a dancer. Naomi Campbell has never met her father because her mother did not want her to meet him. Her father left her mother when she was pregnant with Naomi Campbell in the fourth month. In addition, her father is not included in Naomi Campbell’s birth certificate, as well. The surname ‘Campbell’ was ascribed to the girl when her mother married for the second time.

Also, when Naomi Campbell was growing up, she moved a lot. She used to be living in Italy, where her mother got a job position as a dancer. Also, when they got back to London, Naomi Campbell was raised by some relatives because her mother became a part of a dancing group called “Fantastica”, which was touring all across Europe. In addition, when she was growing up, Naomi Campbell was also interested into dancing and was taking ballet classes.

When she was fifteen years old, Naomi Campbell was noticed by a local talent agent when she was window shopping, who asked her if she wanted to become a model. Soon, she started to appear on covers of various magazines, which increased her popularity and also the overall amount of Naomi Campbell net worth.

Now you have an idea why Naomi Campbell net worth is this huge

naomi campbell net worth naomi campbell net worth naomi campbell net worth

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