Nas net worth

Nas net worth

Net Worth: $17 Million

About Nas

Nas net worth

Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones is known for the rap fans by his stage name Nas. Since the mid 90s when he first became widely recognized Nas has released more than 10 albums. 8 of them became extremely successful among the younger audience and were certified Platinum or multi-Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. During this period Nas has sold more than 13 million albums in the USA alone, the sales worldwide were much bigger. Nas net worth is currently around 17 million dollars.

Nas was born in New York, Brooklyn. His father was Olu Dara and his mother was Fannie Ann Jones, Nas was given their both family names. His father was also a musician, a great yet unrecognized jazz player. The only brother of Nas was talented for music as well. When Nas was still very young, his family has moved to Long Island. There he met Willy Graham, a boy from the neighborhood who loved hip-hop and used to play rap music while he and Nasir were hanging together.

That is how Nas got into rap music and hip-hop culture himself. When Nas was just a twelve year boy his parents divorced. Another trouble fallowed- soon Nas was kicked out of school.

At that time, when he was a poor boy without higher education, nobody believed that one day Nas net worth will be $17 million.

Nas first started to rap when he was still a teenager, under the name Nasty Nas. His neighbor Willy accompanied him as a DJ in underground shows. At the end of the 80 Nas met a producer Large Professor. He took Nas to the studio and allowed him to record his own music when the booth was free. Sadly, none of those first records where ever released or aired on the radio. Nas remained unknown until 1992, when he made a contract with Columbia Records and released his first single entitled Halftime.

Nas released his firls album Illmatic in 1994. After that, Nas net worth shot up at the speed of light. Not only the music and rhythms of Nas received numerous appraisals, it was also his lyrics. Unlike many athor rappers Nas did not choose to rap exclusively about street life and crime. Since his teenage years Nas was interested in African culture, the education he received by reading various books was used in his lyrics.

After the debut Nas was highly productive recording artist. By the end of the XX century he has released four more albums (It Was Written, The FirmL The album, I Am… and Nastradamus) all of which were highly successful and added solid sums to Nas net worth. With his last album TBA released in 2013 Nas is still one of the busiest rappers in today’s world.

Now you have an idea why Nas net worth is this huge

Nas net worth Nas net worth

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