Natalie Portman net worth

Natalie Portman net worth

Net Worth: $32 Million

About Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman net worth

Natalie Hershlag, currently known as Natalie Portman, is a successful actress, who has a dual Israeli and American citizenship. She debuted in motion pictures in 1994, with a movie Leon: The Professional, and gained mainstream recognition performing on Star Wars Trilogy. In these cult movies Natalie portrayed Padme Amidala, a secret wife of Anakin Skywalker. While still pursuing career as an actress, Portman managed to earn a degree in Psychology at Harvard University. In 2004 Natalie starred in a movie Closer. This role garnered the young actress a Golden Globe Award and Oscar nomination. Two years later she appeared in the cult film V for Vendetta and received Saturn Award for the Best Actress. Some of her most notable performances were also in the movies Goya’s Ghosts, The Other Boleyn Girl, Thor and Thor: The Dark World. As for 2013, Natalie Portman net worth is estimated at $32 million.
Natalie was born in Israel, in a family of Avner and Shelley Hershlag. Her father was an Israeli citizen, gynecologist and fertility specialist, while her mother was an American homemaker. Although known by the family name Stevens, Natalie’s maternal grandparents were also Jewish.

They immigrated to the United States from Austria and the former Russian empire. Portman’s paternal grandparents, who were also Jewish, originated from Romania and Poland. Just like her own father, Natalie’s paternal great-grandfather was a well educated man, a highly respected professor of economics in Israel. Although her ancestors’ fortune did not equal current Natalie Portman net worth, they were considerably wealthy people.
Their intelligence and authority inspired Natalie to seek education at one of the greatest universities in America, Harvard. In order to study for her finals, the future millionaire even skipped the premiere of her breakthrough movie, Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Once in an interview Portman has stated that even if her studies at Harvard have ruined her acting career, she would not regret her decision to choose this university. As is convincingly proved by the current Natalie Portman net worth, this never happened: she managed to achieve both an impressive career in film industry and the best education in the country.
What about her personal life? For quite a long period Natalie has dated a folk singer Devendra Obi Branhart. They went separate ways in 2008. The following year Natalie started a relationship with Benjamin Millepied, a ballet dancer who was also cast for the movie Black Swan. For the curious ones, although Benjamin is an accomplished dancer, his fortune is significantly inferior to Natalie Portman net worth. Millepied’s fortune is estimated at $900 thousand. In summer 2011 Portman gave birth to their first son. The couple is currently living in Paris, were Benjamin is working as the director of the oldest national ballet company in the world, Paris Opera Ballet.

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natalie portman net worth natalie portman net worth

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