Neal McDonough net worth

Neal McDonough net worth

Net Worth: $3.5 Million

About Neal McDonough

Neal McDonough net worth

It has been reported that the current size of Neal McDonough net worth reaches an estimate of 3.5 million dollars. Neal McDonough has earned his wealth because of his career as an actor from TV productions and films. Moreover, he has appeared as a voice actor on some occasions. In 2001, he became famous for his appearance in the HBO production called “Band of Brothers”, where he played the role of Lynn Compton. Then, in the period of 2002-2003, he was appearing in “Boomtown” as Deputy District Attorney David McNorris. He was chosen for the role of Sean to portray in the production called “Suits”. For one season, in the period of 2008-2009, Neal McDonough appeared as Dave Williams in one of the most popular TV series on ABC, called “Desperate Housewives”. Thus, all of these appearances made his name popular in TV land, and also added up to the overall size of Neal McDonough net worth.
In addition to his TV work, the actor has appeared in many films, such as “Traitor”, “Walking Tall”, “The Marine 3: Homefront” and “RED 2”. Neal McDonough is known as Dum Dum Dugan, a role he portrayed in a few Marvel Cinematic Universe films and TV shows.

Thus, these productions have served as important sources of increasing the total size of Neal McDonough net worth, as well.
One of his most recent appearances has been in the show called “Arrow”, where he has been playing the part of Damien Darhk. Talking about his work as a voice actor, Neal McDonough voiced the role of Bruce Banner in the animated series of “The Incredible Hulk” in 1996. Therefore, his voice over work increased his popularity as well as the overall amount of Neal McDonough net worth.
The actor was born in 1966 in Boston, Massachusetts. His parents emigrated from Ireland and had their own motel business. After high school, Neal McDonough was studying at Syracuse University. In 1988, he graduated from the university and earned his BA degree. After that, he enrolled to study at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. In 1991, for his work on “Away Alone”, the actor was a recipient of the title of Best Actor Dramalogue. Since that time, Neal McDonough has appeared in many films and TV series.
Some of them include “Band of Brothers”, “Minority Report”, “Boomtown”, “The Hitcher” and “Star Trek: First Contact”. In 1993, he appeared in the TV movie on NBC, called “In the Line of Duty: Ambush in Waco”. Then, he joined the cast of “Desperate Housewives” in the fifth season of the show, where he got the role of Dave Williams. In 2004, he appeared as a leading part in the first season of the show called “Medical Investigation”. Neal McDonough was chosen to appear in the ABC production called “Scoundrels”, but he decided not to appear in it as he refused to appear in sex scenes saying that it was against his Catholic religion. Some of the most recent productions in which the actor has appeared include “Falcon Rising”, “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2” and “The Flash”.

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