Neil Peart net worth

Neil Peart net worth

Net Worth: $22 Million

About Neil Peart

Neil Peart net worth

It has been estimated that the current sum of Neil Peart net worth reaches 22 million dollars. He has accumulated such a high net worth through his careers as a musician as well as an author. As a musician, he is mostly known from a band called “Rush”, where he is a drummer and a lyricist. “Rush” is also one of the most important sources of Neil Peart net worth. His involvement into the band got him numerous awards and he has been credited with having a distinct style of playing drums.

Neil Peart was raised in Ontario. When he was a teenager, he was already playing drums and was involved into a couple of local bands, in which he tried to get a job as a full-time drummer. When he was in England, he could not get such an opportunity, therefore, he came back home, where he soon joined the band called “Rush”. Since that time, “Rush” has added a lot of revenues to Neil Peart net worth, as well.

He joined the band in 1974. Initially, his playing style was characterized as having features of hard rock. Neil Peart was influenced a lot by other guitarists, who are extremely famous in the British rock scene, these drummers being John Bonham and Keith Moon.

However, soon he switched from playing hard rock music to jazz style. In 1994, Neil Peart was taught music by a popular jazz teacher Freddie Gruber. Also, it was exactly this time, when Neil Peart decided to incorporate elements of swing and jazz in his playing style. Also, Freddie Gruber was the one, who introduced Drum Workshop products to Neil Peart. What is even more interesting is that today Neil Peart has an endorsement deal with this company. Therefore, his endorsement deals are another important source of Neil Peart net worth.

In addition to being a successful musician, Neil Peart is also known as a writer, who usually publishes books about his travels. In addition to his career as a writer, he has written quite a lot of songs for “Rush”. His topics usually include themes, such as philosophy, religion, fantasy and fiction, thus, they bring more of a sophisticated side. He has published five books, which are all about his travelling. The sales of his books also add up to the overall amount of his net worth.

Currently, Neil Peart is living in Santa Monica, California. He is married to Carrie Nuttall with whom he has a daughter.

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