Nelson Mandela net worth

Nelson Mandela net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela net worth

Nelson Mandela is definitely the most popular politician of South Africa. He served as the President of the country in the period of 1994-1999 and became a very influential person in the world. His fame also added up to the overall sum of Nelson Mandela net worth, which has been reported to reach an amount of 10 million dollars.

However, a huge part of his net worth is believed to be accumulated due to the sales of his autobiographical book called “Long Walk to Freedom”, which was released in 1994. The book proved to be a huge popularity and the sales of it obviously increased the overall estimate of Nelson Mandela net worth.

When he was still a healthy man, Nelson Mandela also used to appear in various events as a public speaker. When he was serving as the President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela was a very charitable person and used to donate a huge part of his salary to charities related to helping children. When he died, there was a lot of controversy about the wealth which belonged to him. It is known that Nelson Mandela was married three times and from those marriages he had six kids.

However, only three of his kids are living today. It was a surprise probably to everybody when the news were posted that almost all of his wealth Nelson Mandela gave to charities helping children, which eventually would help his children, as well.

At the time of his passing away, Nelson Mandela did not have a huge wealth due to its enormous donations. George Bizos, who was a very good friend of Nelson Mandela and also a lawyer, has stated that Nelson Mandela was not a multi-millionaire by any means. He also has stated that he had only a few trusts for his kids and that money which he would usually donate was aimed at building hospitals and educational institutions for children. Thus, it might also be possible that at the time of his death Nelson Mandela net worth was reaching not a multi millionaire sum. There is no common thought on an actual sum of his net worth at the time of his death.

Nelson Mandela started to gain a lot of recognition when he got a position of the President of South Africa because it made him to be the first black president of the country. However, he is also known as a controversial person. He spent more than 25 years in jail. He was imprisoned due to political reasons.

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