Nia Long net worth

Nia Long net worth

Net Worth: $13 Million

About Nia Long

Nia Long net worth

Nia Long’s name is well known in acting industry. This career has led her to become one of the millionaires in the industry. It has been claimed that the current amount of Nia Long net worth is as high as 13 million dollars. Talking about her as a TV actress, Nia Long is known for mainly two roles which she portrayed in two different TV series, such as “Third Watch” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. In addition to her career as a TV actress, Nia Long has also appeared in a variety of films, such as “Big Momma’s House”, “Boiler Room”, “In Too Deep”, “The Best Man”, “Love Jones”, “Boyz n the Hood”, “Soul Food” and some others. Thus, these movies also increased the total sum of Nia Long net worth a lot.

Nia Long was born in 1970 in Brooklyn, New York. Nia Long is known to have origins in Trinidad, since both of her parents are from there. When her parents divorced, Nia Long and her mother moved to live to Los Angeles. At the same time when she started to take acting lessons, Nia Long was also attending classes of tap, jazz, ballet and gymnastics.

One of her first appearances in films was in the Disney production called “The B.R.A.T. Patrol”. In this film, she appeared with actors, such as Tim Thomerson, Brian Keith and Sean Astin. However, the role which made her famous in the country was in the TV show called “The Guiding Light”. It also added first bigger sums of money to Nia Long net worth.

In 1994, she got a part in another TV production, that being in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. In 2003, Nia Long joined the cast of another TV show called “Third Watch”. In the season of 2006-2007, Nia Long starred in TV production called “Boston Legal”. Also, she was one of the cast members in a TV show called “Big Shots”. Thus, her career into television also has added a lot of revenues to Nia Long net worth.

As a supporting actress, Nia Long starred in a couple of films, such as “Made in America” and “Friday” as well as “Boyz n the Hood”. As a leading actress, Nia Long appeared in many movies, such as “Big Momma’s House”, “Soul Food”, “The Best Man” and “Love Jones”. Thus involvement also increased her net worth by a mile.

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