Nick Cannon net worth

Nick Cannon net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon net worth

One of the most popular television show hosts in the United States is known to be Nick Cannon. It has been reported that Nick Cannon net worth reaches 20 million dollars, which also makes him one of the richest TV show hosts. Nick Cannon currently is known as a host of the TV show “America’s Got Talent”. For every episode of it, Nick Cannon has been stated to get 70 thousand dollars. In addition, Nick Cannon is not only a TV show host, but also an actor, which also increases the overall amount of Nick Cannon net worth.

Nick Cannon was born in San Diego, California, in 1980. He became a performer when he was only 8 years old. Two years after, Nick Cannon began appearing on his father’s television show on a cable TV. He became a successful comedian and soon moved to Hollywood. There, he appeared in several productions, including “The Improv”, “The Laugh Factory” and “The Comedy Store”. In the middle 1990s, Nick Cannon got his first TV role, which was in the TV show “All That”, which was broadcasted on the Nickelodeon channel. The show started to accumulate Nick Cannon net worth.

In 2002, Nick Cannon appeared in the film “Drumline”. One year later, he was casted to appear in the movie “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”.

In 2005, Nick Cannon also became involved in the music industry. In that year, he founded his own record label, which he entitled “Can I Ball Records”. What is even more, Nick Cannon has recorded one album under this label, however, he has had never released it. Between the years 2005-2007, Nick Cannon was the host of the comedian show called “Wild and Out”. The show proved to be very successful and it was aired on the MTV channel. It also increased the total amount of Nick Cannon net worth. The show ran for four seasons in total. In 2009, he was asked to replace Regis Philbin, who was the host of the “America’s Got Talent” TV show. Nick Cannon accepted the offer, which led him to international success.

Today, Nick Cannon holds a position as a chairman of the “Teen Nick”. Also, he is the host of the radio show called “92.3 NOW FM” which airs in the area of New York. In 2008, he married a popular singer Mariah Carey, with whom he has two children and with whom he is living in California.

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nick cannon net worth nick cannon net worth nick cannon net worth

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