Nick Mason net worth

Nick Mason net worth

Net Worth: $80 Million

About Nick Mason

Nick Mason net worth

It has been announced that the overall size of Nick Mason net worth has currently reached 80 million dollars, which makes him not only one of the most popular composers, but also one of the richest ones. In addition to his work as a composer, he is also known as a drummer, and as such, he has become popular due to his long membership in the band called “Pink Floyd”. In fact, he is regarded as the only original member of the band, who has stayed in the band for all its years. Therefore, his involvement in “Pink Floyd” has also increased the overall amount of Nick Mason net worth by a mile.

As a percussionist, Nick Mason has also contributed with many other music artists and appeared on their albums. Moreover, in addition to his successful music career, Nick Mason is also known for his work as a writer. In 1998, his book was published, called “Into the Red”. Thus, the sales of the book also added up to the total size of Nick Mason net worth.

Nick Mason was born in 1944 in England. Nick Mason has gained a lot of popularity when he joined one of the most popular rock bands called “Pink Floyd”.

When the band was formed in 1965, Nick Mason has stayed with it during all the years of its performances. Since that year, Nick Mason has stayed as the only constant drummer of the band. He has also appeared in all the albums of the band, sales of which also added up to the total sum of Nick Mason net worth.

Nick Mason is also credited for composing many popular songs of “Pink Floyd”, including “Time” and “Echoes”. Over the years, the band became recognized as one of the most influential bands in rock music scene. It also became extremely commercially successful and it can also be proved not only by the net worth of Nick Mason, but also by the net worth of other band members.

The band is credited for having a unique style of music, and they are regarded as the creators of progressive rock music. Overall, “Pink Floyd” has released 14 albums. All of them, except one, have reached the top of the album charts in the United States, which also made the band to be in the list of the best selling bands in the world. Studio albums which made the band even more successful include “Animals”, “The Dark Side of the Moon”, “The Wall” and “Wish You Were Here”.

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nick mason net worth nick mason net worth nick mason net worth

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