Nicky Hilton net worth

Nicky Hilton net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Nicky Hilton

Nicky Hilton net worth

It has been claimed that one of the most popular socialites in America Nicky Hilton net worth reaches 20 million dollars. In addition to being a socialite, she is also known as a TV show star, businesswoman, fashion designer and rich heiress.

In 2004, she began her career as a businesswoman, when she launched her first line of handbags as well as clothes. Thus, her career into business started, and it started to accumulate the overall amount of Nicky Hilton net worth. In 2008, a more upscale line of clothing and handbags was also launched. As a model, she has been working in different countries, such as Australia, Romania and New Zealand. This career also added some extra revenues to the overall amount of Nicky Hilton net worth.

Nicky Hilton was born in 1983 in New York City. Nicky Hilton became popular when she and her sister Paris Hilton became the heiresses of Hilton Hotels. It added a lot of fame and also financial success to both sisters. From an early age, both sisters were exposed to the public and media, since their parents are well known people in the industry. Her mother is an actress and also socialite Kathy and her father is Richard Hilton, a real estate broker and a businessman.

Nevertheless, Nicky Hilton has not become as famous as her sister Paris, who appeared in several TV shows, including “The Simple Life”.

In 2004, Nicky Hilton not only became a businesswoman and an owner of her own clothing and handbag line, but she also started designing handbags for a company called “Samantha Thavasa” from Japan. In 2005, she became the face of the Australian underwear company called “Antz Pantz”. These involvements also added up to the total amount of Nicky Hilton net worth. However, soon Nicky Hilton was replaced by another model, Megan Maitland. Nevertheless, Nicky Hilton has appeared on a couple of covers of magazine “Lucire” in its Romanian as well as New Zealand versions. In 2007, she launched her second clothing line, which was more luxurious, and thus had a higher price, the line being called “Nicholai”.

In addition to her involvement into business and fashion industries, she is also known because of her personal relationships. As of right now, she has been married only once, with Todd Andrew Meister. However, soon after their wedding, the marriage was annulled. Today, Nicky Hilton seems to be more preoccupied with her business than trying to find a new companion.

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