Nicole Kidman net worth

Nicole Kidman net worth

Net Worth: $130 Million

About Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman net worth

Nicole Kidman, full name Nicole Mary Kidman, is one of the greatest Australian movie actresses in Hollywood. She began her professional career in the early 1980s, appearing in numerous Australian television and film productions. Kidman gained recognition in 1989, when the movie Dead Calm reached the cinemas. Nicole rose to international fame in the early 1990s, filming in such movies as Days of Thunder, Far and Away and Batman Forever. Her most accolades winning performances were in the musical Moulin Rouge! and drama The Hours. The first of those movies garnered Kidman her second Golden Globe and Oscar nomination for the Best Actress. Her portrayal of Virginia Woolf spurred even better critical evaluations. For this role Kidman received an Academy Award for the Best Actress. As for 2013, Nicole Kidman net worth is estimated at $130 million, making her one of the wealthiest female actresses in Hollywood.
Nicole was born in Honolulu, to Australian parents Antony David and Janelle Ann Kidman. Her father was a highly respected scientist, clinical psychologist, biochemist and book author, while her mother was a nursing instructor and the editor of her father’s books.

The whole family lived in the United States, where Antony and Janelle travelled on education visas, until Nicole turned four and then moved back to Sidney. Her talents for singing, dancing and acting, that eventually boosted Nicole Kidman net worth to tens of millions, unfolded when she was still studying at North Sydney Girls’ High School. The only thing that kept Kidman from devoting all of her time for the stage was her shyness. It’s quite hard to believe today, but according to Nicole, sometimes she still regresses into that same shyness that used to mark her teenage years. As was revealed by an actress, she still feels uncomfortable going to the restaurant alone and avoids big parties.
Kidman debuted in movies when she was 16. Her first role was in Australian drama film Bush Christmas. Although this film did not make a considerable contribution to Nicole Kidman net worth, it gave her something worth much more: self-confidence. During the following decade Kidman featured on a number of movies, including BMX Bandits, Windrider, A Country Practice, Emerald City and Variety. In 1990, while filming The Days of Thunder, Nicole met her future husband, Tom Cruise. For the curious ones, this actor is currently married to the 16 his younger Hollywood starlet, Katie Holmes. Although both Tom and his former wife are considered to be A-list actors, his current fortune is significantly superior to Nicole Kidman net worth: Cruise owns capital and assets evaluated at $250 million. Days of Thunder was a great commercial success and grossed nearly $160 million worldwide. Following this breakthrough, Nicole’s fortune grew faster each year.

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nicole kidman net worth nicole kidman net worth

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