Nicole Kidman plastic surgery

Nicole Kidman plastic surgery

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Nicole Kidman plastic surgery

Nowadays more and more celebrities choose to go under the knife hoping that this will make them look perfect. For quite some time people were speculating about possible Nicole Kidman plastic surgery. This actress is now in her 40s and she still manages to look stunningly beautiful despite her age.

Most of the rumors regarding Nicole Kidman plastic surgery started when people have noticed some changes in actress’s appearance. Some changes can be see on both her body and her face. The list of her possible plastic surgeries includes breast implants, lip augmentation, Botox injections and rhinoplasty. The only proof to support these rumors is photo comparisons. If we look at them, we can notice that there has definitely been some changes which couldn’t have happened naturally and can only be explained by plastic surgery. First thing that we notice is the change in actress’s breast size – her breasts have suddenly become at least two sizes bigger which could only mean that she has had breast implants. Another procedure that has probably happened is lip augmentation.

It is very obvious, because the results of this procedure were pretty bad – in some of the photos we can see that actress’s lips are unnaturally swollen and full.

Even though actress has never confirmed any of these rumors, it is easy to decide for yourself just by looking at the photo comparisons. The changes on her appearance are way too drastic to even consider a possibility of them happening naturally. Some people believe that there might have been even more Nicole Kidman plastic surgery procedures done, but the changes aren’t so visible, because these procedures were successful. Either way, some celebrities had far worse experiences with plastic surgery. Nicole Kidman looks really good especially if we compare her to other plastic surgery celebrities like Joan Van Ark or Jocelyn Wildenstein.

All things considered, we can safely state that at least some of the rumors about Nicole Kidman plastic surgery are definitely true. There have been some drastic changes on actress’s appearance which couldn’t be explained by anything other than plastic surgery. For now, actress looks beautiful even after all those procedures, but some of her fans are already concerned about her possible addiction to plastic surgery. There are more than enough examples which show what happens to people who become obsessed with the need to look perfect. We can only hope that Nicole Kidman will finally decide to age gratefully before ruining her looks.

Did Nicole Kidman Undergone Plastic Surgery

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