Nicole Polizzi net worth

Nicole Polizzi net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Nicole Polizzi

Nicole Polizzi net worth

It has been claimed that the total sum of Nicole Polizzi net worth currently reaches 4 million dollars. Nicole Polizzi is also known as Snooki in the entertainment industry. Nicole Polizzi has earned a huge part of her net worth because of her career as a TV show star. In 2009, she started to appear on the show called “Jersey Shore” which became a huge international success. It has also been stated that for every episode of the show Nicole Polizzi was earning 150 thousand dollars. Thus, such sum of money has also added up to the overall size of Nicole Polizzi net worth.

Nicole Polizzi was born in Chile in 1987. Nicole Polizzi was adopted by Italian American couple. Nicole Polizzi got a nickname ‘Snoozi’ when she was still studying in high school. She was nicknamed like this after the character from the film called “Save the Last Dance”, because of the fact that she was the first girl in her school who kissed a boy. When she was a high school student, Nicole Polizzi belonged to its cheerleading squad, too. Before she started her career on TV, Nicole Polizzi was a student at a college, and intended to work as a veterinary technician.

Before she was casted to appear in the mentioned show “Jersey Shore”, Nicole Polizzi was already appearing on the show called “Is She Really Going out with Him?”. In this show, the girls were chosen as dating guys who were usually arrogant. Because of her role on this show, she was chosen to appear in the “Jersey Shore”. This show was the one that made her a huge star and also added up to the total amount of Nicole Polizzi net worth. A lot of people believed that she was a breakout member of the whole cast of the show. In 2011, Nicole Polizzi debuted as a writer when her book was published called “A Shore Thing”.

In addition to her successful career in show business, which increased Nicole Polizzi net worth a lot, she has also had some legal troubles. She was charged with disturbing the peace in 2010. For that, she was fined with 500 dollars and community services. Thus, as a lot of rising stars in this industry, Nicole Polizzi has also had some legal issues. Nevertheless, she is still more known for her role on the show “Jersey Shore”, which made her an internationally known celebrity.

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