Nicole Scherzinger net worth

Nicole Scherzinger net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger net worth

Nicole Scherzinger, full name Nicole Prescovia Elikolani Valiente Scherzinger, is an American television personality, singer and songwriter. She started her professional career with a band Eden’s Crush and rose to the international fame as the member of girl band Pussycat Dolls. Following their breakthrough in 2003, Dolls became one of the most commercially successful bands in the world. While still performing with the band, Nicole has released a number of solo singles, including “Baby Love”, “Come to Me” and “Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)”. After Pussycat Dolls disbanded in 2010, Nicole started concentrating on her solo career. Her first album, entitled Killer Love, was released the following year. As for 2013, Nicole Scherzinger net worth is estimated at $8 million dollars.
This sum does not seem that impressive, if you know that since the late 1990s Scherzinger has sold some eighty million records. In 2009 she was ranked among the 10 most popular female artists of the preceding decade. Just a couple of years later Rolling Stone, probably the most influential music magazine in the United States, named Nicole as one of the most talented dancing musicians in the world.

With such recognition, Nichole Scherzinger net worth is not surprising.
The future millionaire was born in Hawaii, in a family of Alfonso Valiente and Rosemary Elikolani. Her father’s ancestors originated from Filipino, while part of her mother’s family emigrated from Russia. By the time she became pregnant with Nicole, Rosemary was still a teenager and her marriage, encouraged and organized by her parents, did not last long. When Nicole and her sister Keala were still kids, their mother remarried to Gary Scherzinger. This German-American man adopted the girls, gave them his last name and raised them until adulthood. Although both Rosemary and Gary were hard working people, the family suffered from constant deprivation. Back then nobody could have believed that one day Nicole Scherzinger net worth will be counted in millions of dollars.
While majoring at Wright State University, where she studied musical theatre, Nicole has appeared in a several musicals, including Showboat and Chicago. Soon Scherzinger took a break from her studies in order to join Day’s of the New, a young rock band led by Travis Meeks. Nicole Scherzinger net worth shot to the stars in 2003, when she joined a burlesque troupe The Pussycat Dolls. Their debut album, entitled PCD, was released in 2005, in cooperation with Interscope and A&M music labels. It spawned an amazing number of singles, including “Don’t Cha”, “Wait a Minute”, “I Don’t Need a Man”, “Hot Stuff (I Want You Back)”, “Right Now” and “Feeling Good”. Due to the success of these hits and attractiveness of their videos the album sold nearly 3 million copies in the U.S. alone and more than 10 million units worldwide.

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nicole scherzinger net worth nicole scherzinger net worth nicole scherzinger net worth

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