Nipsey Hussle net worth

Nipsey Hussle net worth

Net Worth: $4.5 Million

About Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle net worth

Nipsey Hussle is a well known rapper and he is mostly known for public in America, who is interested into hip hop scene. It has been announced that the overall amount of Nipsey Hussle net worth currently has a sum of 4.5 million dollars. Coming from Los Angeles, California, he is known for releasing quite a lot of mixtapes. Examples of them could be the ones, called “The Marathon”, “The Marathon Continues”, “Crenshaw” and mixtape series called “Bullets Ain’t Got No Name”. The sales of all of

These mixtapes also increased the total estimate of Nipsey Hussle net worth.

In 2014, it has been stated that he is finally going to release his debut studio album, which is going to be called “Victory Lap”. The album is going to be released under the record label of All Money In.

His first ever mixtape was called “Sluason Boy Volume 1”. In fact, Nipsey Hussle founded a recording company, which was named after his first mixtape. In 2008, his first two mixtapes were released, those being from the series of “Bullets Ain’t Got no Name”. These albums were released in collaboration with two labels – Epic Records and Cinematic Music Group. These mixtapes also increased the overall sum of Nipsey Hussle net worth.

In 2009, the third part of these series was released. Moreover, in the same year, his first single was released, too, which was called “Hussle in the House”. Nipsey Hussle, in addition to his solo career, has collaborated with other artists, such as Drake and Snoop Dogg. Moreover, in 2010, Nipsey Hussle was also chosen to be one of the singers to record a song called “We Are the World 25 for Haiti”. Soon, he also started to be compared with Snoop Dogg not only because of their matching looks, but also because of their abilities to sing, which also were very similar.

In the end of 2010, Nipsey Hussle stopped working with Epic Records. After he left the label, he released a mixtape called “The Marathon” and it also added up to the overall estimate of Nipsey Hussle net worth. This mixtape was released in the same year as he left Epic Records. In this mixtape, other rappers are featured as well, such as MGMT and Kokane. In 2011, the next part of this mixtape was released, which was called “The Marathon Continues”. This mixtape also featured a couple of other rappers, such as Dom Kennedy and YG. Both of these mentioned mixtapes are available to buy on iTunes.

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