Oksana Baiul net worth

Oksana Baiul net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Oksana Baiul

Oksana Baiul net worth

It has been stated that the total amount of Oksana Baiul net worth reaches 20 million dollars, according to the recent calculations. She has earned a huge part of her net worth because of her career as a professional figure skater, but currently, she is retired from this sport. Oksana Baiul has earned quite a lot of titles, such as the 1993 World champion as well as the 1994 Olympic champion in ladies’ singles.
Oksana Baiul became the first Ukrainian representative to win the gold medal at the Winter Olympics. In addition, Oksana Baiul became the first champion of Olympics in any sport competing as a representative of independent Ukraine. Therefore, winning has played a huge part of increasing the total size of Oksana Baiul net worth.
The figure skater was born in 1977 in Ukraine, Soviet Union. When she was two years old, her parents separated. Thus, Oksana Baiul grew up in the care of her single mother, who worked as a French language teacher, and her grandparents. When she was four years old, her grandfather motivated her to start ice skating in order to lose weight. He also wanted her to become a ballerina and believed that ice skating would be a great way to start dancing.

Oksana Baiul was taking ballet lessons as well but soon focused only on ice skating.
When she was five years old, her coach became Stanislav Korytek, who is one of the best ice skating coaches in Ukraine. When her grandparents and her mother died, Oksana Baiul was taken in a care of her coach, but he died soon, too. Then, her coach became Galina Zmievskaya, who also took care of her. Oksana Baiul moved to the United States, where she was moving from one state to another quite a lot.
In 1993, Oksana Baiul became the winner of the silver medal at the European Championships held in Helsinki. In 1994, she competed in the event again and won the silver medal once more. In 1994, Oksana Baiul competed in Winter Olympics, where she got the first place in ladies’ singles. In 1994, the figure skater got the title of the Merited Master of Sports. Overall, her ice skating career has made her a big success and a popular person in the sports industry, which has added up a lot of revenues to the total sum of Oksana Baiul net worth.
In 1994, a film about her life aired on the CBS TV network, called “A Promise Kept”. In the same year, she suffered a knee injury and had to undergo a surgery. In 1994 as well, Oksana Baiul was a part of the tour of the Tom Collins World Champions Tour. In the same year, she appeared on the Barbara Walters Special, where she was named as one of the Ten Most Fascinating Personalities of 1994. When she retired, Oksana Baiul became a media personality and appeared in quite a few TV series and shows, which have also added up to the total estimate of Oksana Baiul net worth.

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