Olivia Munn net worth

Olivia Munn net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn net worth

Olivia Munn is a well known person in show business. She is known as an actress and comedian, but besides these two occupations, Olivia Munn is also known for her other careers, such as a model, author and TV star. Thus, all these careers have added a lot to the overall size of Olivia Munn net worth, which has been announced to reach as much as 5 million dollars today. Initially, in her career she was called Lisa Munn, which is her first name, and later she decided to go by her second name, that being Olivia Munn.

Olivia Munn was born in 1980 in Oklahoma. Due to the occupation of her father, Olivia Munn had to move quite a lot in her childhood, but a bigger part of it was spent in Japan. At that time, she also got involved into entertainment industry, when she starred in a couple of stage productions and later also aspired to become a professional model, as she appeared as a face model of a couple of Japanese fashion brands. After the divorce of her parents, Olivia Munn moved to Oklahoma.

However, when she graduated, Olivia Munn settled in Los Angeles, where she had dreams of becoming a professional actress, which eventually also became one of the main sources of her fame and Olivia Munn net worth.

Immediately after she moved to Los Angeles, she got a part in a production called “Scarecrow Gone Wild”. In the end of 2005, Olivia Munn was casted for a role as a surfer on the show broadcasted on the N network, called “Beyond the Break”. Since the filming of that show, Olivia Munn has become a huge fan of surfing and she practices this sport up to this day.

In addition to her appearance in this show, at approximately the same time, Olivia Munn appeared in a movie called “The Road to Canyon Lake”. In 2006, Olivia Munn debuted as a show host when she was chosen for the show called “Attack of the Show”. There, she was serving as a co-host with Kevin Pereira. Thus, all of these involvements began to add a lot of financial success to Olivia Munn net worth. One of the most recent appearances of Olivia Munn has been in films, such as “Date Night” in 2010 and “Iron Man 2” released also in the same year. Thus, currently, she is mainly known as a film star.

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olivia munn net worth olivia munn net worth olivia munn net worth

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