Olivia Wilde net worth

Olivia Wilde net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde net worth

Olivia Wilde is a well known star in the entertainment industry. It has been reported that she is also one of the millionaires of them, since the current amount of Olivia Wilde net worth reaches as much as 8 million dollars. She has accumulated her net worth mainly through her career as an actress. Olivia Wilde is recognized from many TV productions as well as films. Talking about her appearances in TV, Olivia Wilde has appeared in the following TV shows: “House”, “The O.C.” and “The Black Donnellys”. Olivia Wilde is also known from a variety of films, such as “Cowboys and Aliens”, “Drinking Buddies”, “Tron: Legacy” and “In Time”. These films also increased the total sum of Olivia Wilde net worth.

Olivia Wilde was born in 1984 in New York City. Her mother is also known to be involved into TV industry. She is a producer of an American version of “60 Minutes”. Her father is a journalist. Also, her mother was also working as a journalist and Olivia Wilde has stated that due to the occupation of both of her parents (being journalists), Olivia Wilde’s personality was influenced by it and she became very analytical and critical.

Also, her mother and father were well known people in Washington, where they were known as hosts of various dinner parties.

Since she was two years old, Olivia Wilde wanted to become an actress. Her dream became true and she has appeared in a lot of movies, which became popular on an international scale. Such movies are “The Girl Next Door”, “Conversations with Other Women”, “Turistas” and “Alpha Dog”. These appearances also increased the overall amount of Olivia Wilde net worth.

As a TV actress, Olivia Wilde became well known when she began appearing on the already mentioned TV show called “The O.C.”. In this show, Olivia Wilde was appearing as Alex Kelly. However, it is worth mentioning that initially she auditioned not for this role – Olivia Wilde wanted to get a role of Marissa Cooper. In 2007, Olivia Wilde was also casted for another TV show called “The Black Donnellys”. Although the show was broadcasted for only a short period of time, it also increased her popularity. In this show, she also played one of the leading roles, that being of Jenny Reilly. Therefore, being a TV star also added to her overall fame and also increased the total sum of Olivia Wilde net worth.

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