Olsen Twins net worth

Olsen Twins net worth

Net Worth: $300 Million

About Olsen Twins

Olsen Twins net worth

Mary-Kate and Ashley Fuller Olsen are famous American actresses, businesswomen and fashion designers. The sisters made their television debut in a sitcom Full House which was aired from 1987 to 1995. Following this, fraternal twins appeared in a number of television shows and movies. The twins currently own a private limited liability company Dualstar, which produces TV Shows, movies, magazines and etc. The profits from this company made Mary-Kate and Ashley extremely wealthy. Olsen twins net worth is currently estimated at $300 million.

The Olsen sisters were born in California in 1986. Although they look almost the same, they are not identical twins. They have an older brother named Trend and a younger sister Elizabeth Olsen, which is also an actress. If you look at her pictures you would notice that Lizzie, as she is called in a family, looks extremely similar to her sisters. Although she is quite successful in her own career, Elizabeth’s fortunes do not come close to Olsen twins net worth. The girls’ parents divorced when they were nine. They have two step brothers from their father’s second marriage, Jake and Taylor.

Mary-Kate and Ashley began their acting careers in a single role of Michelle Tanner on Full House. The producers decided two cast twins due to the strict legal limits on child labor hours. The girls acted in turns until their character Michelle Tanner was eight years old. In 1993 the Olsen family founded a company Dualstar. Initially it was run by Greg Redlitz and Robert Thorne, who had a significant stakes in the company, but the girls bought their shares when they turned 18. The company is currently managed by the girls (they are Co-presidents), their father David Olsen (he is a chairman) and Diane M. Reichenberger (a chief executive officer).

The company Dualstar is the main source of the family income and is responsible for the bigger part of current Olsen twins net worth.
The fact that Olsen twins net worth was extraordinary since they were kids does not mean that they did not go through ordinary teenage problems. Both of them dropped out of New York University due to different reasons. Teenage years were extremely rough for Mary-Kate Olsen. In 2004, when the girl turned 18 years old, it was reported that Mary has a serious eating disorder, anorexia nervosa. She also had many unsuccessful romances and relationships, including those with a Greek Stavros Niarchos III, Maxwell Snow and Olivier Sarkozy. The year 2008 was particularly hard for the young starlet, as one of her closest friends, actor Heath Ledger, was found dead in his own apartment. Fortunately, at the moment both of the sisters seem to be doing fine and moving on with their lives.

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olsen twins net worth olsen twins net worth olsen twins net worth

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