Omar Epps net worth

Omar Epps net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Omar Epps

Omar Epps net worth

Omar Epps is a well known man in the show business. It has also been estimated that the current sum of Omar Epps net worth reaches 15 million dollars. In addition to being a well known rapper and actor, he is also known as a record producer and song writer. All these involvements serve as important sources of Omar Epps net worth.

Talking about him as an actor, Omar Epps can be remembered from films, such as “Scream 2”, “Love and Basketball”, “Major League II”, “In Too Deep” and “The Wood”. His appearances in all these films also added up to the total estimate of Omar Epps net worth. Omar Epps is also known as an actor from a couple of TV shows. He has been portraying a role of Dr. Dennis Grant in a TV drama called “ER”. Also, he has been appearing on another TV show called “House” between the years 2004-2012.

Omar Epps was born in 1973 in New York. When he was still a kid, his parents divorced and Omar Epps was raised by his mother. Before he got involved into acting industry, Omar Epps was a rapper and in 1991 he established a rapping group with his cousin, the group titled “Wolfpack”.

When he was 10 years old, Omar Epps was already writing songs and poems.

When he got involved into acting industry, his first roles were mainly troubled characters. He debuted as an actor in a feature film called “Juice”. The movie is based on troubled lives of four youngsters living in Harlem. Another movie in which he appeared was called “The Program”. In the beginning of the 2000s, Omar Epps appeared in more movies, such as “Love and Basketball”, “Big Trouble”, “Dracula 2000”, “Brother”, “Against the Ropes”, and all these appearances also increased the overall sum of Omar Epps net worth.

In 2004, Omar Epps was also featured in a video game called “DefJam Fight to NY”. In 2004, he also started appearing on TV after he has done a successful work in his previous TV series called “ER”. This time, he was appearing in a TV show called “House”. It was also stated that for every episode of the show he was receiving 100 thousand dollars.
Other productions in which he appeared include the following ones: “Alfie”, “A Day in the Life”, “Perfume”, “Breakfast of Champions” and “The Mod Squad”.

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omar epps net worth omar epps net worth omar epps net worth

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