One Direction net worth

One Direction net worth

Net Worth: $150 Million

About One Direction

One Direction net worth

One Direction is known to be one of the most popular boy bands, if not the most popular one, of today’s music industry. The band is mostly loved by teenage audiences. One Direction is also assumed to be the wealthiest boy band of today when taking a look at One Direction net worth. It has been announced that the group is recording their new album and after the release of it, each member of the band has been reported to accumulate net worth of 100 million dollars each, which would definitely increase the overall One Direction net worth.

The band is known as one of the most successful British phenomena in the world. The band consists of five members – Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. Currently, it has been known that each member of the band holds net worth of 30 million dollars, which, if compiled together, would be called One Direction net worth and would reach 150 million dollars.

The band became known when they participated on a British talent show called “The X Factor”. The first two albums of the band proved to be highly successful, these two being “Up All Night” and “Take Me Home”.

Also, these two first albums of One Direction were produced by other famous musicians, who took care of the band.
Currently, the band is known to be doing a lot of producing for themselves as well as writing their own music and lyrics for songs. Because of their own writing their songs, it has been speculated that net worth of each member of the band will increase triple, with each of the band member having net worth of 90 million dollars. If so, the overall amount of One Direction net worth would be 450 million dollars.

It has been stated that the boys are more than happy to finally add something from themselves in their newest album instead of other people doing the whole job for them. Considering the fact that the boy band is wealthy a lot already, writing music and producing their album by themselves might make the band the richest band in the world today.

The boy band has toured across the world with their Take Me Home tour. They have visited many different countries, such as Australia, Europe and Oceania, thus they have fans and are loved all around the globe.

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