Orlando Bloom net worth

Orlando Bloom net worth

Net Worth: $32 Million

About Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom net worth

One of the most well known actors of today is known to be Orlando Bloom. It has been claimed that he is also one of the multimillionaires of them with Orlando Bloom net worth reaching a sum of 32 million dollars.

He became known when in 2001, he appeared in a film called “The Lord of the Rings”, where he got a role of Legolas, who was the elf-prince. The movie became a huge success and it made Orlando Bloom the most successful British actor of that time and also increased the overall amount of Orlando Bloom net worth a lot.

Moreover, in 2003 he started to appear in the productions of “Pirates of the Caribbean”. In these movies, Orlando Bloom was chosen to portray a role of blacksmith Will Turner. Soon, he became one of the most popular actors in Hollywood.

Orlando Bloom appeared in films, such as “Kingdom of Heaven” and “Elizabethtown”. Other films, which became popular and in which Orlando Bloom appeared, include “Main Street”, “New York, I Love You”, “Troy” and “Sympathy for Delicious”.

His first ever appearance in the cinema industry happened in 1997 movie called “Wilde”.

Although in this film he got a small part of a rent boy, it influenced Orlando Bloom to aspire for career as a professional actor, the career, which today brings millions of dollars to the total amount of Orlando Bloom net worth.
What is even more interesting is that in 1999 he graduated from Guildhall and only two days after that he was casted to appear in a film which made him an international star – to portray a role of Legolas in “The Lord of the Rings”. Initially, Orlando Bloom attended the auditions for the role of Faramir, however, the producers of the movie decided to give him a role of Legolas instead. Moreover, in the process of shooting the movie, Orlando Bloom fell from a horse and broke his ribs, however, the actor recovered quite rapidly and soon came back to the set of the film.

At the same time when “The Lord of the Rings” was being shooted, Orlando Bloom appeared in another production, as well, which was called “Black Hawk Down”. It also added extra revenues to the total estimate of Orlando Bloom net worth. In the latter film, Orlando Bloom was casted to portray a role of Todd Blackburn.

In addition to his career in the cinema industry, Orland Bloom was titled as the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2009. Currently, the actor is known to be married to Miranda Kerr, who is the most successful model from Australia.

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orlando bloom net worth orlando bloom net worth orlando bloom net worth

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