Osi Umenyiora net worth

Osi Umenyiora net worth

Net Worth: $7 Million

About Osi Umenyiora

Osi Umenyiora net worth

Osi Umenyiora is one of the most popular Nigerian football players. It has been calculated that the current amount of Osi Umenyiora net worth reaches 7 million dollars, which he has mainly accumulated because of his involvement in sports. He is retired from his football career now, but it made his name known in the whole world.
Osi Umenyiora was playing as a defensive end. He was playing in the National Football League. Before he became a professional player, he attended Troy University, where he also played college football. In 2003, he participated in the NFL Draft, where he was chosen by the New York Giants. He became one of the most successful players in the team as he set the record in the New York Giants franchise for most sacks in a single game. His work with the team has also increased the total estimate of Osi Umenyiora net worth.
The football player was selected to Pro Bowl two times. Osi Umenyiora became one of the four British football players who have become winners of Super Bowl. Other three football players, who have accomplished it, include Lawrence Tynes, Scott McCready and Marvin Allen.

He was born in 1981 in Golders Green, London. Both of his parents come from Nigeria. After his birth, the family moved to Nigeria. Then, Osi Umenyiora relocated to Auburn, Alabama. There, he attended high school and played football. Then, he entered Troy University, where he continued his successful football career, which eventually became the main source of increasing the overall size of Osi Umenyiora net worth.
In 2003, after he graduated, Osi Umenyiora was selected by the New York Giants as the 56th overall pick in the second round of the NFL Draft. In 2005, he became a starter for the team. Because of his success in playing, he became an All-Pro player and was chosen to appear in Pro Bowl. In 2005 as well, Osi Umenyiora signed an extended contract with the New York Giants for six years. The contract was stated to be worth 41 million dollars. 15 million dollars out of this sum was guaranteed money. Therefore, the team has also increased the total amount of Osi Umenyiora net worth.
In 2007, in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Osi Umenyiora set the record for the team for most sacks, as he recorded six of them. His first touchdown was in the game against the San Francisco 49ers. His team became winners of Super Bowl XLII when in the finals they beat the New England Patriots. In the game, Osi Umenyiora had four tackles. In 2008, he also became a broadcaster when he joined Monday Night Football cast on ESPN. In November of 2010, the football player was titled the NFC Defensive Player of the Month.
In 2013, Osi Umenyiora joined the Atlanta Falcons, with which he signed a contract worth 8.55 million dollars, which has been stated to last for two years. In 2015, he retired from his career as a professional football player.

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