Paris Jackson net worth

Paris Jackson net worth

Net Worth: $100 Million

About Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson net worth

Paris Jackson is one of the most well known names in the entertainment industry, which is believed to be mainly because of her relations – her father is known to be the popular entertainer, Michael Jackson. Born in 1998, it has been reported that Paris Jackson net worth reaches 100 million dollars.

The girl was born in Beverly Hills, California. Also, she is the second child to the entertainer, Michael Jackson. However, she has accumulated her net worth through her appearances in TV as well as being an actress. Thus, these are the sources which are believed to be the ones, which have added a lot of revenues to Paris Jackson net worth.

The girl is also known to be the only daughter, whom Michael Jackson had with Debbie Rowe. Paris Jackson has a brother named Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. and a half-brother named Prince Michael Jackson II. Paris Jackson was named Paris, because it was in France, Paris, where she was conceived in. In 1999, Michael Jackson divorced from her mother and Paris Jackson was raised solely by the entertainer. After the divorce, Michael Jackson was given full custody of his children from Debbie Rowe.

However, later Debbie Rower stated that it was an agreement between her and Michael Jackson, so that he would be the one, who would raise their children.

Paris Jackson was raised in the Netherland Ranch, which today is converted into an amusement park. Also, because Michael Jackson came from the entertainment industry and had a lot of acquaintances in it, it is no surprise that Paris Jackson’s godparents were made Macaulay Culkin and Elizabeth Taylor. When her father died in 2009, wealth came to her as well, which also increased the overall amount of Paris Jackson net worth.

Also, after the death of Michael Jackson, her grandmother became the one, who was taking care of her and her siblings. Also, Paris Jackson as well as her siblings childhood was very different than most of the celebrity kids. Her and her brothers’ faces were usually covered with masks when they were going out with their father because Michael Jackson intended to keep his children identities unknown to paparazzis as well as the public. Also, later it was stated that the kids were wearing the masks only when they were out with Michael Jackson.

The first time she appeared on TV was in a documentary about her father called “Living with Michael Jackson”. Also, the show started her way to her career as a TV personality, which also added extra revenues to Paris Jackson net worth.

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