Pat Smear net worth

Pat Smear net worth

Net Worth: $3 Million

About Pat Smear

Pat Smear net worth

It has been stated that the total amount of Pat Smear net worth today reaches 3 million dollars. Pat Smear has earned his net worth and made his name famous because of his career as a guitarist. To many people he is mostly known as a guitarist of the popular band called Foo Fighters. As a member of this band, he has appeared in four studio albums and one live album, sales of which have also added up to the total size of Pat Smear net worth.
In addition to this band, Pat Smear was also a member of another one called Germs, which was an influential punk group. Moreover, he also worked as a guitarist for another well known band called Nirvana. Thus, working with all of these bands made his name very popular and increased the total estimate of Pat Smear net worth.
In addition to his career in music, Pat Smear is also known from TV screens, mostly from MTV, where he was appearing on its fashion show with Cindy Crawford called “House of Style”. Thus his appearances on TV have also served as an important source of Pat Smear net worth.
Pat Smear was born in 1959 in Los Angeles, where he also grew up, and his real birth name is Georg Albert Ruthenberg.

When he was young, his parents forced him to attend music lessons and learn how to play a piano. Few years passed and he got interested into music so much that he learnt how to play a guitar by himself. When he was growing up, Pat Smear also had many influences, such as Brian May, Steve Jones, Joan Jett and Brian James.
In 1977, when Pat Smear was a teenager, he created his first band called Germs, together with Darby Crash. The band was soon joined by drummer Dottie Danger and bassist Lorna Doom. In 1979, the band released its first album which was called “GI”. The band was quite influential in the punk rock scene. However, when one of its members, Crash, committed suicide, the band decided to stop performing and they disbanded in 1980. After that, Pat Smear joined another band called “Twisted Roots”. This band did not last for a long time, although it is considered as one of the most influential bands on the Hollywood punk music scene. In addition to his performances with bands, Pat Smear is also known as a solo singer and as such he has released two albums.

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