Patrick Willis net worth

Patrick Willis net worth

Net Worth: $6 Million

About Patrick Willis

Patrick Willis net worth

It has been reported that the total estimate of Patrick Willis net worth is as high as 6 million dollars. Patrick Willis has become well known because of his career in sports, where he is known as a talented football player. In this sport, he was playing in the linebacker position, but he is no longer playing this sport professionally. However, it has added up a lot to the total amount of Patrick Willis net worth. During his whole professional career, Patrick Willis was playing in the San Francisco 49ers team of the National Football League. He belonged to this team for 8 years and during this time a huge part of Patrick Willis net worth was earned.
In 2007 he participated in the NFL Draft, where he was chosen by the mentioned team. Before he became a professional football player, Patrick Willis was playing college football for the University of Mississippi. While playing there, he got many All-American honors, too. In his senior year of playing football there, Patrick Willis was awarded with the Jack Lambert award and the Butkus Award. In 2007 when he was playing football professionally, Patrick Willis was also awarded with the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year title.

In his first seven seasons of playing in the NFL, Patrick Willis was chosen to the Pro Bowl games, whereas in his first six years, Patrick Willis got All-Pro honors. Patrick Willis also became the only football player who has received the Butkus Award for best linebacker in more than one category. In 2006, when he was a college football player, Patrick Willis got the Butkus Award and in 2009 when he was already a professional, he won the professional Butkus Award. Therefore, his career in football not only made him well known and increased the overall amount of Patrick Willis net worth, he also earned some honors and awards.
Patrick Willis was born in 1985 in Tennessee. He was raised in poverty and had to raise his younger siblings, too. When he was only 10 years old he worked in cotton fields as a full time worker. When he was 17 years old, he took all his siblings and moved from their home because their father who was addicted to alcohol became very violent to them. All the siblings and Patrick Willis included moved to the house of Patrick Willis’ high school basketball coach.

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