Patton Oswalt net worth

Patton Oswalt net worth

Net Worth: $14 Million

About Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt net worth

It has been announced that the overall estimate of Patton Oswalt net worth today reaches 14 million dollars. Patton Oswalt is known as an actor, comedian, voice actor and writer. Patton Oswalt is mostly known from a couple of productions. One of them is TV series called “The King of Queens”, where Patton Oswalt appeared as Spencer Olchin. In addition to this one, Patton Oswalt is also known from the movie called “Ratatouille”, where he served as a voice of Remy. These two productions have also added up to the overall amount of Patton Oswalt net worth.

The actor was born in Virginia in 1969. Because his family was involved into military, Patton Oswalt moved a lot while he was a child, he was living in California and Ohio, before the family settled in Virginia. When he graduated from high school, Patton Oswalt entered the College of William and Mary, where he was a student of English.

In the end of the 1980s, Patton Oswalt started to perform his stand-up comedy routines. Soon, he started to get more and more prominent roles on TV productions as well as films. The role which is considered to be one of his most important ones is in the sitcom called “The King of Queens”, where he was chosen for a role of Spencer Olchin.

The first time he appeared in a movie was when he was chosen to voice the character of Remy in the successful animation called “Ratatouille”. These two productions added a lot of financial success to him, and as a result, they also increased the total size of Patton Oswalt net worth. Later, he got roles, although smaller ones than in “Ratatouille”, in movies, such as “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa” and “Magnolia”.

Patton Oswalt has also appeared in numerous productions of Comedy Central, which also added not only to the overall sum of Patton Oswalt net worth, but also increased his popularity. In 2009, he was chosen for a leading part in the movie called “Big Fan”, where he portrayed Paul Aufiero. In 2011, Patton Oswalt became known as a writer, as well, when he published a book called “Zombie Spaceship Wasteland”. In 2012, Patton Oswalt appeared as Billy Stanhope in a popular sitcom called “Two and a Half Men”. Therefore, mainly his career on screen made him popular for the public, which also increased his net worth.

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