Paul Allen net worth

Paul Allen net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Paul Allen

Paul Allen net worth

Paul Garner Allen, or simply Paul Allen, is an American investor and philanthropist, widely recognized as co-founder of Microsoft, multinational computer software corporation based in Redmond. Microsoft Corporation, founded in April 1975, currently focuses on developing, manufacturing and licensing a wide range of services and products related to computing. To guarantee an efficient management of his multiple businesses and various philanthropic efforts Paul has founded Vulcan Inc, which is also chaired by him. His investment interests ranges from technology and content companies to real estate holdings and media. Paul is also an owner of two major league sports’ teams, Portland Trail Blazers and Seattle Seahawks. Paul Allen net worth is currently estimated at $15 million, placing him among the 50 richest men in the world.

Paul was born in Seattle, in a family of Edna Faye and Kenneth Samuel Allen. His father was a highly educated man and for many years served as an associate director of Washington University’s libraries. While studying in private Lakeside School, Paul met his future colleague and business partner, Bill Gates.

To remind you of Bill, he is an American business magnate and investor, who cooperated with Allen on founding Microsoft. As for today, Bill Gates fortune is significantly superior to Paul Allen net worth: his capital and assets are evaluated at $66 billion. Although Allen was three years older than Gates, the boys soon found they have a common interest in computers and became best friends. Together they used time-sharing computer systems at Lakeside’s Teletype to develop their then poor programming skills.

Both Allen and Gates were particularly good at school and made it to some of the most prestigious universities in America. After scoring 1600 on SAT, Paul enrolled at Washington State University, while Bill went to Harvard. After two years of studies Allen decided to quit college in order to work as a programmer in Boston. He convinced his old friend to drop out of university too, so they would be able to concentrate on developing Microsoft. Judging from the current Paul Allen net worth, this might have been one of the greatest decisions he ever made.

In mid 1970s Paul and Bill co-founded Microsoft and started marketing their programming language interpreter BASIC. In 1980 the two business partners purchased Quick and Dirty Operating System and due to this transaction managed to sign an agreement to supply DOS, which would be later used for IBM personal computers’ line. Following this contract, Paul Allen net worth shot to the stars. Unfortunately, Allen’s professional success was accompanied by dramatic events in his personal life. In 1982 Paul was diagnosed with cancer. The billionaire received bets medical treatment available and after exhausting radiation therapy session was announced to be healthy. However, he chose not to return to Microsoft and try to squeeze the most of his free time instead.

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