Paul Anka net worth

Paul Anka net worth

Net Worth: $60 Million

About Paul Anka

Paul Anka net worth

Paul Anka is a singer, who is one of the millionaires in the industry. It has been announced that the total sum of Paul Anka net worth reaches 60 million dollars. In addition to being a singer, he is also an actor and a song writer. Paul Anka got a lot of recognition in the 50-70s. During this period, Paul Anka released a lot of successful hits, such as “Put Your Head on My Shoulder”, “Having My Baby”, “Lonely Boy” and “Diana”.

Talking about him as a song writer, he has also written quite a lot of successful songs, such as a theme song for the TV show called “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”. Also, he has written a popular song called “She’s a Lady” performed by Tom Jones. Also, he was the one who has written an English version of a popular song called “My Way” performed by Frank Sinatra. Therefore, his career as a song writer also has added to the overall amount of Paul Anka net worth.

In 1983 he was also collaborating with Michael Jackson into writing a song called “I Never Heard”. In 2009, the song’s title was changed into “This Is It”.

Another song which was co-written with Michael Jackson was called “Love Never Felt So Good”. One year later, that song was also released by Johnny Mathis.

In 1990, Paul Anka got his US citizenship. Paul Anka was born in 1941 in Ontario. His parents were the owners of a restaurant chain called “Locanda”. When he was only 14 years old, Paul Anka recorded his first song, which was titled “I Confess”. In 1957, he attended auditions in New York, where he sang his own composed song. Later, in one of his interviews, he stated that he wrote that song for a girl from his church, but he did not know her.

The song was called “Diana” and it became a well known song in both Canada and the United States. It landed in the 1st position of charts of both of these countries and the sales of this single also added up to the overall estimate of Paul Anka net worth. Also, this song was recognized as one of the most successful songs sung by a Canadian act.

He went on to release more successful songs, which placed in Top 20 in charts in Canada and the United States. These songs were such as “It’s Time to Cry” and “My Heart Sings”. These songs also increased the overall sum of Paul Anka net worth.

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