Paul Simon net worth

Paul Simon net worth

Net Worth: $45 Million

About Paul Simon

Paul Simon net worth

Paul Simon is a multi millionaire in music industry. It has been reported that the overall amount of Paul Simon net worth is as high as 45 million dollars. He is a singer as well as a song writer. In 1964, he started to get a lot of commercial success when he formed a duo with Art Garfunkel, the duo being known as “Simon and Garfunkel”. Paul Simon also served as the main song writer of the show and he has written a couple of songs, which entered high on the US charts, those songs being “Mrs. Robinson”, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and “The Sound of Silence”.

In 1970, however, the duo decided to split. As a result, Paul Simon started his career as a solo act, and this also proved to be a success. He has released three albums as a solo singer and the sales of them also added up to the total amount of Paul Simon net worth. In 1986, one of his successful albums was released, called “Graceland”. He recorded this album being inspired by South African township music.

In 1980, Paul Simon also debuted as a screen writer, when he created a film called “One-Trick Pony”, in which he also appeared.

In 1998, he also collaborated into writing a musical for Broadway called “The Capeman”.

Paul Simon has also received numerous awards and nominations. An example of that could be his getting 12 Grammy awards. One of those twelve is also known to be his award for lifetime achievements in music. In 2001, Paul Simon’s name was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 2006, Time magazine compiled a list of 100 People who Shaped the World and Paul Simon’s name was included in the list, as well. In 1986, Berklee College of Music awarded Paul Simon with the Honorary Doctor degree of Music. Moreover, today he is also known as serving on the Board of Trustees of this College. Therefore, it is also an important source of Paul Simon net worth.

Paul Simon was born in New Jersey in 1941 and he was raised in a Jewish household. When growing up, Paul Simon was interested in both music and playing baseball. However, he chose to go with getting involved into music, which became the main source of Paul Simon net worth and which also made him a huge star all around the world.

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