Paul Smith net worth

Paul Smith net worth

Net Worth: $390 Million

About Paul Smith

Paul Smith net worth

Paul Smith has become famous because of his career as a fashion designer. In addition, he is a businessman. It has been claimed that the overall size of Paul Smith net worth reaches 390 million dollars, which also makes him one of the richest designers in the world. Paul Smith is mostly known for creating clothes for men, especially for his tailoring skills. In 2000, Queen Elizabeth II presented him with a knighthood for his services to British fashion. In 1970, he established his fashion company, which became one of the main sources of increasing the total sum of Paul Smith net worth. Today, he owns over 300 fashion shops in the world.
The fashion designer was born in 1946 in Nottingham. Paul Smith was studying at Beeston Fields Secondary School for Boys. When he was 15 years old, he began to work at a clothing company, but what is more interesting is that at that time, he wanted to become a professional racing cyclist. However, when he was 17 years old, Paul Smith suffered an injury because of which he could not continue his racing career.
When he was getting his treatment in a hospital, Paul Smith got interested in arts and fashion, which became the main source of the current estimate of Paul Smith net worth.

Thus, when he finally healed, he enrolled in tailoring classes. Soon after, he got a job on Savile Row. In 1970, he launched his first fashion shop with the help of his current wife, Pauline Denyer. The name of the shop was Paul Smith Vêtements pour Hommes.
In 1976, his first clothing line named Paul Smith was represented in Paris. In 1979, he became the first fashion designer, whose shop was established on Floral Street in London’s Covent Garden. In the 1980s, Paul Smith played a vital part in the perception of the suits. In the same period, he popularized a new design of men’s underwear, which were boxer shorts. His designs are mostly popular in the United Kingdom, however, his clothing brands are also recognized in Japan. In fact, Japan is considered as the company’s largest international market. In 1984, Tokyo was the first city in Japan where the first Paul Smith clothing shop was opened. Therefore, Paul Smith has accumulated a lot of revenues coming from Japan, which have also added up to the total size of Paul Smith net worth.
In 1993, he started a new clothing line for women, as he realized that 15 percent of his designed clothes for men were actually bought by women. In 1994, Paul Smith bought the bankrupt company called R. Newbold and incorporated many of its designs to his own clothing lines. In 2010, he even started a clothing line for children called Paul Smith Junior. Thus, his business has expanded a lot over the years and also increased the current amount of Paul Smith net worth by a mile. Today, he is recognized as one of the richest and most successful fashion designers in the world.

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