Paul Wall net worth

Paul Wall net worth

Net Worth: $12.5 Million

About Paul Wall

Paul Wall net worth

Paul Michael Slayton, commonly known as Paul Wall, is a rapper from the United States, formerly signed to Swishahouse Records. Since the beginning of his career Paul has released several albums, such as Chick Magnet, Get Money, Stay True, Fast Life and Heart of Champion. Wall has also featured on two collaboration albums, Get Your Mind Correct and Controversy Sells. Both of these works were recorded with Paul’s former musical partner, Chamillionaire. Wall gained a wider recognition in 2005, after landing a contract with Atlantic Records, one of the most important American independent labels. Two years later this rapper released his major debut album, entitled The Peoples Champ. As for 2013, Paul Wall net worth is estimated at $12.5 million.

Paul graduated from Jersey Village High School and went on to study mass communications at University of Houston. His professional career started in the late 1990s, when Paul and his musical partner Chamillionaire convinced Michael Watts to let them perform on his radio show and to publish their verses with mixtape Choppin’ Them Up Part 2. To breathily introduce you to Chamillionaire, he is a successful rapper, record producer and actor, as well as Chief Executive Manager of Chamillionaire Entertainment.

Due to the success of his entertainment/record company, Chamellionaire’s fortune is slightly superior to Paul Wall net worth: he currently holds capital and assets evaluated at $15 million. Soon after their appearance on Watt’s show, Paul’s and Chamellionaire’s freestyle became so popular, they were invited to join Swishahause as permanent members.

In early 2000s Paul Wall and his partner left the label to start their band The Color Changing Click. The name of their duo referred to Chamellionaire’s persona as Chameleon. Soon the young artists secured one-album deal with Full Paid Records and released their debut album, Get Ya Mind Correct. This record managed to sell over 200 thousand copies and added a solid sum to Paul Wall net worth. The sales of Get Ya Mind Correct seems even more impressive if one considerers the fact that distribution of this album was not backed by any major label. Although their duo The Color Changing Click was swiftly ascending to stardom, soon Paul and Chamillionaire announce their creative interests are becoming too different, forcing them to turn separate ways.

As a solo artist, Paul featured on Mike Jones album Who is Mike Jones?, which distributed 500 thousand units during two months after release. In mid 2000s Wall published his first solo album, entitled The Peoples Champ. Mostly due to the success of singles “Girl”, “Drive Slow” and “They Don’t Know” the album was more profitable than anyone could have expected. It topped Billboard 200, sold over 175 thousand copies a week after being released and sent Paul Wall net worth to enviable heights.

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