Paula Abdul net worth

Paula Abdul net worth

Net Worth: $30 Million

About Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul net worth

Paula Abdul is one of the best known names in the entertainment industry. Today, it is known that Paula Abdul net worth is 30 million dollars. Moreover, it has been stated that her annual salary reaches 2.5 million dollars. She has accumulated her net worth through various involvements, such as being a TV personality, producer, dancer, choreographer, singer and actor. All these involvements have added a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Paula Abdul net worth.

It has been also claimed that for hosting the TV show called “The X Factor”, she is receiving 2.5 million dollars annually. Such amount of money adds up to the overall amount of Paula Abdul net worth.

Her first involvement into entertainment industry was when she started dancing as a cheerleader for the team of LA Lakers. However, soon she left the cheerleading squad and became a successful choreographer. In addition, Paula Abdul is quite a successful singer. She has released three albums. Moreover, she has had six singles, which landed in number 1 positions. Paula Abdul is also known as a recipient of one Grammy award.

In addition, she is also the winner of two Emmy awards, which she received for her involvement into choreography.

For eight seasons, Paula Abdul was the host of the TV show called “American Idol”. Currently, she is known as a host of the TV show called “Live to Dance”. This is one of the most important sources of Paula Abdul net worth today.

Paula Abdul was born in California. She was interested into dancing when she was only a little child. When she was studying in college, she was noticed and asked if she wanted to become a cheerleader for the Lakers. After three months of dancing in it, she became a choreographer of the team. After six months, her singing and dancing careers took off quite a lot.

One of her first big jobs as a choreographer was to create a dancing number for the video clip of the Jacksons, called “Torture”. Because of her successful job, Paula Abdul was hired to become a head choreographer for the Jacksons’ tour called “Victory”. Therefore, choreographing for such huge stars added a lot of revenues to her net worth, as well. She got more and more jobs and soon she became choreographing for stars such as Janet Jackson. Also, she became a choreographer in films, such as “American Beauty”, “Coming to America” and many others.

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