Pauly D net worth

Pauly D net worth

Net Worth: $6 Million

About Pauly D

Pauly D net worth

Pauly D is an American DJ and television personality, best known from MTV’s reality show Jersey Shore. He is a colorful personality, loved by his fans for his talent and being an all around character and laughed at by critics. You can love him, you can hate him, but you have to admit that Pauly D net worth of over $6 million is pretty impressive, especially if you have in mind the fact that he earned it all in a few years.

Pauly D’s real name is Paul Del Vecchio he was born in 1980 and grew up in Rhode Island. His education ended with Johnston High School and soon he began trying to build his career under the scene-name Pauly D. He did became famous in 2009, but not for his music, but for casting in Jerseys Shore, reality show aired on MTV. The story of how he got selected to the show, as told by Pauly D himself, is pretty funny and proves it really was not because of his talent for music: “The casting directors called me from LA and they said they wanted to send down a camera crew to Rhode Island to film a day in my life.

They filmed me at the gym, filmed me tanning and filmed me going to the club.

Six months later they said I got on the show. I never really auditioned. No matter how he got there, the fact is that Jersey shore brought him fame, gave background for his future music career and helped Pauly D net worth to reach $6 million.

After the Jersey Shore Paul gas received a proposal to start his own spin-off show The Pauly D Project. After getting famous Pauly D became recognized as the exclusive DJ for Moon, Rain and the Palms Pool at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. That is where the bulk of Pauly D net worth comes from. In August 2011, he announced a pending three-album deal with such stars as 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records and G-Note Records.

This deal was later confirmed by 50 Cent. He also recently played as a DJ in an opening of the conert for Britney Spears on her Femme Fatale Tour. What also made a solid contribution to the current fortunes of Pauly D was his agreement with alchohol company Skinnygirl with a plan to release a signature brand called REMIX.
Currently Pauly D makes over $1 million a year. In the future Pauly D net worth is expected to continue growing at the same rate along with his young fan base.

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Pauly D net worth Pauly D net worth

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