Penn Jillette net worth

Penn Jillette net worth

Net Worth: $175 Million

About Penn Jillette

Penn Jillette net worth

It has been estimated that the current sum of Penn Jillette net worth reaches 175 million dollars. Penn Jillette is mostly known as an actor, comedian, illusionist as well as a best-selling author and writer, and all these careers have increased Penn Jillette net worth a lot. Penn Jillette as a magician is known from the duo called “Penn and Teller”, which is one of the most popular illusionist groups in the United States.

Penn Jillette was a student at Barnum and Bailey Clown College as well as he was studying at the Ringling Brothers. Moreover, currently, he has his own TV show broadcasted on Revision3 called “Penn Point”. This show adds up to the overall sum of Pen Jillette net worth, as well. In addition to his appearances on stage, he is also known as a very outspoken person with having libertarian as well as atheistic views.

Penn Jillette was born in Greenfield, Massachusetts, in 1955. In was in the middle of the 80s, when he decided performing as a duo with Teller and since the very beginning of the duo’s appearances as a comedian act, they have become well known in the United States not only as comedians, but also as illusionists as well as have hosted a variety of shows in the most popular night clubs in the United States.

They got many fans, when they incorporated many different acts in their performances, such as swallowing massive needles, juggling knives and eating fire. Because of these extreme acts, the duo was invited to appear in one of the most popular comedian shows, “Saturday Night Live”. Therefore, “Penn and Teller” became a success on TV as well and it added extra revenues to Penn Jillette net worth, too.

Since then, Penn Jillette and his partner Teller have appeared in many TV shows as well as movies, such as “Tough Guys Don’t Dance” and “My Chauffeur”. In 1989, the duo also appeared in their own feature film called “Pen and Teller Get Killed”. The movie was directed by Arthur Penn. Moreover, the act had their own TV series called “Pen and Teller: Bullshit”. Therefore, their career as comedians and magicians led the duo to appear in many TV and cinema productions.

In 2005, Penn Jillette served as a directing photographer in a film called “The Aristocrats”. In 2008, Penn Jillette also participated in a reality TV show called “Dancing with the Stars”.

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