Perez Hilton net worth

Perez Hilton net worth

Net Worth: $30 Million

About Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton net worth

Perez Hilton, real name Mario Armando Lavendeira, Jr. is a famous American television personality and blog writer. His website is filled with spicy stories, personal details from the celebrity’s life and tabloid photographs with his doodles and captions. Although Perez blog receives thousands of visitors per day, he is widely criticized for his sometimes cynical attitude and ignorance towards privacy and etiquette requirements. Despite all the critique, Perez Hilton net worth is currently estimated at $30 million dollars and is constantly growing.

Perez was born in Miami, where his parents lived since they moved from Cuba. In Florida Perez graduated from Belen Jesuit Public School and went on to attend university. Eventually he received the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in drama. At first Perez tried to pursue career in acting, but after a several months passed by without him getting any significant jobs, he decided to turn to media. While still living in New York he worked for various organizations supporting gay rights. He worked in a media relations department of GLAAD, wrote articles to various gay magazines, served as a receptionist in a NYC gay club and for a short period was promoted to the position of manager in a gay magazine Instinct.

When asked how did he chose a career path which eventually led him to fame and boosted Perez Hilton net worth to tens of millions, he said he started blogging for one reason- it looked like a fun and easy way to earn some extra money. His blogging business started more like a hobby. Having a lot of time and looking for catchy stories he could write about, Hilton has read tens and hundreds of blogs. He found most of them particularly boring and thought he could do better. What started as a leisure activity eventually turned into successful business, boosting Perez Hilton net worth by thousands per day. Six months after he started writing his own blog, was named Hollywood’s most hated website in history. This “nomination” led to the sudden increase in his blog’s popularity and even prompted a temporary breakdown of his website. According to Perez himself, in summer 2007 his blog’s popularity peaked at nearly 9 million visitors per day.

The blog that brought Perez Hilton net worth of $30 millions has also helped him find quite a few enemies. Most notably, Perez was criticized by both heterosexuals and members of gay community for trying to publicly uncover the secrets of celebrities who has decided to not publicly speak about their homosexuality. For example, Perez has spoken about Lance Bass and Neil Patrick Harris homosexuality way earlier than they decided to do it themselves. Hilton himself is “out and proud” gay. In his blog Perez has recently revealed that he became a father of a boy.

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