Pete Wentz net worth

Pete Wentz net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz net worth

It has been stated that the current sum of Pete Wentz net worth reaches 10 million dollars. A huge part of his net worth has been accumulated because of his career as a musician. More specifically, Pete Wentz accumulated his net worth through his membership in the American group called “Fall Out Boy”. In the band, Pete Wentz served as a main lyricist and leading bassist. In 2009, it was stated that the band was going on a short hiatus. In that time, Pete Wentz created a side project called “Black Cards”, which was an experimental group of dubstep and electropop.

In addition to his career as a musician, Pete Wentz is also known as a record label founder. He has established a record label called “Decaydance Records”. A lot of well known bands are known to be signed to his label, such as “Gym Class Heroes” and “Panic at the Disco”. Therefore, being a record label founder also added up to the overall amount of Pete Wentz net worth.

In addition to his involvement into music, Pete Wentz has also been involved into other activities, such as fashion, acting and writing. In 2005, he debuted as a fashion designer, when he established a clothing line called “Clandestine Industries”.

Moreover, he is also known as an owner of a film production company called “Bartskull Films”. In addition, he is an owner of his bar called “Angels and Kings”. These ventures also have added a lot of financial success to the total estimate of Pete Wentz net worth.

In addition, Pete Wentz is also known as a philanthropist. He has worked with organizations, such as UNICEF in its Tap Project and Invisible Children, Inc. Talking about the UNICEF project, Pete Wentz is collaborating to the project, which aims to bringing clean water to people all around the world.

Pete Wentz was born in 1979 in Illinois. A family from his mother’s side was immigrants from Jamaica. In one of his interviews, Pete Wentz stated that his first inspiration to get involved into music was when he was listening to a song by The Foundations in his parents’ car. When he was attending high school, Pete Wentz excelled in soccer and at one time he considered it to be his future career. However, soon his interest shifted and he got interested into music career, which has added huge sums of money to Pete Wentz net worth, as well.

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