Peter Andre net worth

Peter Andre net worth

Net Worth: $16 Million

About Peter Andre

Peter Andre net worth

Peter Andre is known as a singer, television personality as well as a businessman and these three sources have been the main ones when it comes to accumulating the overall sum of Peter Andre net worth which has been announced to reach 16 million dollars. Peter Andre, as a singer, is known for quite a few singles, such as “I Want You Anne”, “Flava” and “Mysterious Girl”.

Peter Andre, in addition to his career, is also known for his personal relationships, such as for his marriage with a model Katie Price. Today, the couple is known to be divorced. When they were still together, they both released a joined album called “A Whole New World”. In addition, with Katie Price, Peter Andre has two kids.

In 2009, Peter Andre released an album called “Revelation”. The leading single from the album was “Behind Closed Doors”. The single landed in the third place in the UK Singles Chart. Thus, the sales of the single and the album increased the overall amount of Peter Andre net worth a lot, too. In 2010, another album was released called “Accelerate”.

Peter Andre was born in 1973 in London, England.

However, when he was six years old, Peter Andre moved to live to Australia. When they moved there, the family was living in the Gold Coast of Queensland. When he was only 13 years old, Peter Andre wrote his ever first song, which was called “Wet Dream”. Later in his career, the song was included in his album called “Peter Andre”. When he was 16 years old, Peter Andre participated in the TV show called “Hey Hey It’s Saturday”. There, he got a chance to sing a record deal, which was stated to be worth 46 thousand pounds.

When Peter Andre married Katie Price, the two were offered contract to sign in order to have their own reality TV show on the ITV2 network, where they lives as a couple were portrayed. In 2009, however, the couple separated. In 2010, Peter Andre also started hosting another show, called “Odd One In”. Therefore, being a television personality is one of the main sources when it comes to accumulating Peter Andre net worth.

In 2013, Peter Andre also served as a judge on the TV show called “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. Currently, Peter Andre is hosting the show called “60 Minute Makeover”. The show’s title has been recently changed into “Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover”. The show is also one of the main sources of the current Peter Andre net worth.

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