Peter Criss net worth

Peter Criss net worth

Net Worth: $2 Million

About Peter Criss

Peter Criss net worth

It has been claimed that the current amount of Peter Criss net worth is 2 million dollars. He has accumulated his net worth mainly through his career as a musician. Peter Criss is mostly known as one of the founders and original members of the band called “Kiss”, which proved to be one of the most successful rock bands of all time. The band is also known as the one, which has added most of revenues to Peter Criss net worth. In the band, Peter Criss served as a drummer as well as an occasional leading singer. In addition to his musical career, Peter Criss is also known as an actor. The band “Kiss” is known for its members to have their own distinct personas and Peter Criss persona is called ‘Catman’.

Peter Criss is known to be half Italian. He has four siblings and he is the oldest out of them. Peter Criss was raised in Brooklyn, New York. When growing up, Peter Criss made friends with Jerry Nolan, who later also became a star in his own right, when he started performing in the band called “New York Dolls”. When he was studying Peter Criss was interested in arts as well as jazz music.

Also, before he became one of the members of “Kiss”, Peter Criss performed with various jazz bands.

During the 1960s, Peter Criss was a member of various groups. Also, one of such groups was his joining the band called “Chelsea”. The band was signed to Decca Records, which were to release 2 albums of the band. In 1970, the band released its first album, which was a self-titled production. However, the second album of the band was never released. In 1971, the band also changed its name to “Lips”.

However, it was in the band “Kiss” where Peter Criss found most of success and it also is the one, which has added most of financial success to Peter Criss net worth. In 1974, their first album was released, which was called “Kiss”. As a leading singer, Peter Criss performed in quite a few songs, which became well known hits, such as “Beth”, which was the band’s breakthrough single, “Hard Luck Woman” and “Black Diamond”. Also, he was one of the main song writers of the band. Also, he contributed into writing their single “Beth”. However, in 1980 Peter Criss embarked on a solo career, which also added up to the total amount of Peter Criss net worth.

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