Peter Fonda net worth

Peter Fonda net worth

Net Worth: $40 Million

About Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda net worth

It has been claimed that the overall estimate of Peter Fonda net worth reaches 40 million dollars as of right now. Peter Fonda has become famous all over the world because of his successful career as an actor. He has appeared in many films throughout his career. In addition to being an actor, he has also appeared as a producer and director on some occasions. Moreover, he is a voice actor who worked in a popular video game. In addition to all the mentioned, Peter Fonda has also published his autobiography called “Don’t Tell Dad”, which was released in 1998. Thus, all of these mentioned involvements of him not only made his name well known, but also increased the total sum of Peter Fonda net worth.
Peter Fonda was born in New York City in 1940. His whole family is quite famous as he is a son of Henry Fonda. His sister is also a well known woman, Jane Fonda. He has two kids, named Bridget and Justin Fonda. In the 1960s, Peter Fonda became an icon of the counterculture. When he was studying at the University of Nebraska, he was already interested into acting and studied it, too.

He became a member of the Omaha Community Playhouse, where his father also started his career in acting.
In 1968 his name became well known when he served as a producer and co-writer of the production directed by Dennis Hopper called “Easy Rider”. In addition to working behind the scenes of it, Peter Fonda also appeared in it. Thus, it also added up some revenues to the overall amount of Peter Fonda net worth. The film became a huge international success, as well. Peter Fonda was also one of the people who worked on the film and were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.
After the success of this film, Peter Fonda worked on another one called “The Hired hand”, a Western film. There, he served as a director and it was released in 1971. In addition to working on it behind the scenes, he also performed the leading part. In 1974, he appeared in a box office success called “Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry”. The film became a cult classic. Later, he appeared in films which did not get much success. It all changed with his appearance in the film called “Ulee’s Gold” released in 1997. For his appearance in it, he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor. These mentioned appearances have also increased the total size of Peter Fonda net worth.

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