Peter Gabriel net worth

Peter Gabriel net worth

Net Worth: $70 Million

About Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel net worth

It has been officially known that the overall amount of Peter Gabriel net worth reaches as high as 70 million dollars, which makes him one of the richest people in music industry. Peter Gabriel is an acknowledged singer, as he has won a lot of awards for this career. In addition to being a singer, he is also known as a songwriter and record producer.

He was born in England in 1950. Peter Gabriel became very popular because of his band called “Genesis”, where he is the leading singer. The band has also added up a lot of revenues to the overall size of Peter Gabriel net worth. In 1967 he started this band when he was still studying and his bandmates include his peers Chris Stewart, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and Anthony Phillips. Peter Gabriel soon became known for his bizarre and eye-catching costumes which he used in his performances.

In 1975, however, Peter Gabriel decided to leave the band, although it brought him a lot of fame and recognition in music world. He left the band because he decided to start a career as a solo singer, which was a huge success to him, and his solo career has also added up to the overall sum of Peter Gabriel net worth.

His most successful album is regarded to be “So”, which was released in 1986. The album landed in the top spot in the charts of the United Kingdom. In the United States, the album landed in the second place. Three hits from this album landed well in charts in the United States, as well, such as “In Your Eyes”, “Big Time” and “Sledgehammer”. Thus, his career as a solo singer made him an even more known singer.

The latter song, “Sledgehammer”, landed in the 1st place in charts on the United States. It is ironic that this song replaced “Genesis” song called “Invisible Touch”, which stated in the first place for some time. The music video made for “Sledgehammer” also became a huge success since it became a winner of nine MTV music awards.

In 1989, Peter Gabriel was working on the soundtrack for the film called “The Last Temptation of Chris”. For this work, Peter Gabriel became a winner of his first ever Grammy award. The soundtrack was called “Passion”. Therefore, music has been the main source of his fame and recognition, too, and it also added up to the total amount of Peter Gabriel net worth.

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