Pewdiepie net worth

Pewdiepie net worth

Net Worth: $12 Million

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Pewdiepie net worth

Pewdiepie net worth is currently estimated at $12 million, making him one of the highest earning YouTube stars. We will discuss his career, which seems a bit unconventional even in our days, in a moment. But for starters, let’s take a look at the fortunes of other YouTube celebrities, just to know how rich Pewdiepie is in comparison to his colleagues. Before we begin, you must know that our estimations are based on the number of views mostly and do not take into account ALL other possible sources of income.
Having this said, here comes the numbers: RealAnnoyingOrange, who is the 10th richest YouTube celebrity, has some $3.4 million in his account (with 2.7 billion views), UberHaxorNova – $3.5 million (1.5b views), RayWilliamJohnson – $4 million (2.9b views), JennaMarbles – $4.3 million (1.7b views), BluCollection – $6.5 million (3.78b views), YOGSCAST (formerly known as BlueXephos) – $6.7 million (3b views) and Funtoys Collector (formerly known as DisneyCollectorBR) – $8 million (7b views). Looking at these figures it is not difficult to come to the right conclusion: Pewdiepie net worth actually makes him the richest of YouTube stars (with over 9 billon views).

And his videos are being watched by hundreds of fans as we are writing this article, making Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (yes, that‘s his real name) ever richer! Now let‘s see how it all started.
First of all, it is worth mentioning that Felix, born in Sweden, is not the only one in his family talented for business. His mother Johanna, a former KappAhl CIO, was named the 2010 CIO of the Year. As about the son, he came to prominence in 2010. That year Pewdiepie started his own YouTube channel which, around the same year, had some 700 thousand subscribers. The growth of his fandom gained momentum in 2012. At the beginning of this year Pewdiepie still had “just” around a million subscribers and by its end this number grew to reach 2 million. Since then, the growth of his fandom has been almost exponential. In April 2013 the young YouTube star had some 6 million subscribers, by the end of the same year – 8 million and eventually – 9 million. Now what these figures have to do with Pewdiepie net worth? Almost everything, and here is why.
I assume you have noticed that before playing some videos YouTube shows commercials. That is called pre-roll. The companies being advertised usually pay a certain amount of money for the website every 1000 times a pre-roll is shown. The website, in turn, pays a certain amount of money to the owner of a channel which shows an advertisement. The contracts can vary, but most typically YouTube is payed $20-25 dollars and takes some 45% of this sum. This means that channel owners, such as Felix, receive $7-5 dollars every 1000 views. $7-5 may not seem as huge money, but taken together these payments account for most of the current Pewdiepie net worth!

Now you have an idea why Pewdiepie net worth is this huge

pewdiepie net worth pewdiepie net worth pewdiepie net worth

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