Peyton Manning net worth

Peyton Manning net worth

Net Worth: $115 Million

About Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning net worth

Peyton Manning is an American football player in the national Football League. Peyton spent most of his career playing for Indianapolis Colts and switched to Denver Broncos after the injury in 2012. Manning’s exclusive playing manner has earned him a nickname “The Sheriff”. Peyton Manning net worth is currently estimated at $115 million and his annual earnings as for the year 2011-2012 were $42 million.
Peyton was born in a family of a great athlete Archie Manning, a former American football quarterback, who has played for New Orleans Saints for nearly ten years. His sons Peyton, Eli and Cooper, all decided to fallow the footsteps of their father. Cooper, the oldest son in the family, was the least lucky. While still at the high school, he was considered to be extremely perspective player, but had to drop his dreams of becoming professional after he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis at the age of 18. The youngest of three, Eli Manning is currently playing with New York Giants. His fortunes are currently twice smaller than Peyton Manning net worth, but he has bright prospects for repeating his brother’s success in the future.

It seems like Peyton was great at the game since the day he started playing. Already back at high school he has led his team to numerous victories and won various accolades. After graduation Peyton chose to play for the team of University of Tennessee. During the years at university Peyton played 45 games and won 39 of them. Peyton received an invitation to play at the National Football League for Indianapolis Colts right after he graduated from Tennessee. His first season was a great success and Manning decided to stay with the team for 14 years more. In 2011 he signed one more contract with Indianapolis Colts, which promised to add $90 million to Peyton Manning net worth during the forthcoming five year. The contract was broken after Manning received an injury. Manning soon recovered and managed to secure even more profitable five-year contract with Denver Broncos, worth 96$ million. Manning first appeared on the field with a team of Denver at the game against Pittsburgh Steelers. This game went into the history of American football as during the third quarter Manning managed to make 400th touchdown in his career, making him the fastest player to ever reach this mark.
Salary from playing football is definitely not the only source of Peyton Manning net worth. As any other sport star of his rank Manning earns millions from endorsement agreements with companies like Reebok, Sony, Gatorade and Wheaties. According to Forbes, Manning’s annual income for the year 2003-2004 was $42 million. It dropped to $26 million in the year 2010-2011 and rose back to the previous heights in 2011-2012.

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Peyton Manning net worth Peyton Manning net worth

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