Phil Jackson net worth

Phil Jackson net worth

Net Worth: $45 Million

About Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson net worth

Phil Jackson, full name Philip Douglas Jackson, is a former professional basketball player and coach. He is often named as one of the most talented coaches that have ever worked with a National Basketball Association. During the period 1989-1998, when he trained Chicago Bulls, this team won six NBA titles and a number of other awards. From 2000 until 2010 he coached Los Angeles Lakers, leading them to 5 NBA titles. Over those years Jackson has earned eleven NBA titles as a coach, breaking the previous record which belonged to Red Auearbach, a proud owner of nine coach titles. As a professional basketball player with New York Knicks he won two NBA titles, first in 1970 and the second in 1973. Phil Jackson net worth is currently estimated at $45 million.

Phil was born in Montana, in a family of Elizabeth and Charlie Jackson. Both of his parents were deeply religious people, the confessors of Pentecostal Christian denomination, Assemblies of God. Charles and Elizabeth were ministers in the same church, one preaching in the morning and the other in the evening. Due to their religious beliefs they did not allow Phil and their other children to dance or watch television.

It’s hard to believe, but Phil actually saw his first movie when he was already in senior high and only went dancing as a freshman in college. While living in his parent’s house, Phil had no doubt he would follow the footsteps of his parents and became an Assemblies of God minister. It’s impossible to say whether Jackson would have been happier serving God, then he was playing on NBA, but some things we know for sure- today Phil Jackson net worth wouldn’t be counted in tens of millions and we wouldn’t be writing this article.

Jackson started playing basketball while still in high school and led his team to win two state titles. A multi-talented athlete, Jackson also threw the discus, played football and excelled at baseball. Years later, when Phil Jackson net worth was already at enviable heights, his school named the whole complex after this legendary player and coach. Phil’s brother has later stated that all of the siblings became passionate athletes simply because it was the only time when they were allowed to run and play just as the other kids. While studying in Wilson, Jackson was noticed by a scout Bill Fitch and recruited to UND. Phil Jackson net worth shot to the stars a couple of years later, when he was drafter to play for New York Kinks. After three years with this team Phil gained his first NBA title and in 1973 he led Kinks to the second one.

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