Phil Robertson net worth

Phil Robertson net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson net worth

It has been reported that Phil Robertson net worth reaches an amount of 15 million dollars. He is mostly known as a television star, businessman and a hunting enthusiast. Phil Robertson’s all family is involved into hunting enthusiasm. It even has its own company called “Duck Commander”, which is a company providing hunting accessories.

In his young years, Phil Robertson was interested into playing football a lot. In fact, he was a student of Louisiana Tech, where he studied under a football scholarship. He was the star of his football team and played in a position of a quarterback. At the time of his graduation Phil Robertson had an opportunity to become a professional football player, however, he did not take it because he did not want to miss duck hunting season, which today seems the right decision done when knowing the fact that hunting became one of the most important sources of Phil Robertson net worth.

Having graduated with a degree in education, Phil Robertson’s first job position was a teacher. In addition to that, he was also a commercial fisherman. In 1972, Phil Robertson invented a call for ducks, which was called The Duck Commander Duck Call.

It was seen as a huge improvement of a duck call which was used at that time. The invention by Phil Robertson became used amongst all the professional duck hunters across the United States. Today, Phil Robertson is mostly credited as being the owner of the Duck Commander.

In this business, he received a lot of help from his family – wife Kay and their four sons. His family also helped him to expand his business into DVDs, books and merchandise which also increase the total amount of Phil Robertson net worth. The family became so well known that today they even have their own TV show called “Duck Dynasty”, which is broadcasted on the A&E channel. The show has high ratings and more than 8 million people are known to be watching it.

Phil Robertson has also published one book which was called “Happy, Happy, Happy”. The book became a bestseller and more than 1 million copies of it have been sold up to this date. Also, before the show started to be airing on the channel, 60 thousand duck calls invented by Phil Robertson were known to have been sold. Thus, it is highly assumed that the most important source of Phil Robertson net worth is his invention of the duck call.

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