Phil Simms net worth

Phil Simms net worth

Net Worth: $14 Million

About Phil Simms

Phil Simms net worth

Phil Simms is a well known name in football. Football has also been the main source of increasing Phil Simms net worth for a long time, although currently he is retired from his career as a professional football player. It has been stated that his current net worth reaches 14 million dollars. Phil Simms made his name famous as an American football quarterback. He stayed in professional football for 14 years and during this time he played for only one team, that being the New York Giants, which competes in the National Football League. Thus, playing in this team served as one of the main sources of the total size of Phil Simms net worth.
Currently, Phil Simms is working as a TV sportscaster for the CBS channel. Thus, this career is considered as one of the main current sources of making his name well known as well as increasing the overall estimate of Phil Simms net worth.
When he was studying at Morehead State University, Phil Simms was also playing college football there. In 1979 he participated in the NFL Draft, where he was chosen as the 7th overall pick by the New York Giants team.

Phil Simms appeared successfully at Super Bowl XXI, when he led his team to a victory against the Denver Broncos. In that Super Bowl game he got one of his first big awards, which was being named as the Most Valuable Player. In the same games, Phil Simms set the record for the highest completion percentage in a Super Bowl. In 1985 as well as 1993, Phil Simms was called to the Pro Bowl games. In the end of his career, Phil Simms had 33,462 passing yards. Thus, he has made his name well known in American football which has added up a lot of revenues to the overall size of Phil Simms net worth.
After his retirement, Phil Simms became a broadcaster of NFL games. The first job which he got after retirement was at ESPN, which hired him as an analyst. Later, he worked with NBC as an in-game color commentator. Currently, he is working for CBS as a sportscaster. Thus, his post-football career has also increased the overall amount of Phil Simms net worth a lot.
Phil Simms has two sons who also got involved into American Football. His son Chris Simms was a player as well and worked as an assistant coach for the New England Patriots. Later, Chris Simms became college football analyst for FOX Sports. Phil Simms has one more son, Matt Simms, who plays as a quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. Thus, his sons decided to follow in their father’s footsteps.
Phil Simms was born in 1954 in Springfield, Kentucky and his real birth name is Phillip Martin Simms. When he was studying at elementary school, Phil Simms moved to Louisville, Kentucky with his family. When he was studying in high school, Phil Simms began to play football. Thus, since that time he has achieved quite a lot in American football industry and made his name well known in sports.

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