Phillip Phillips net worth

Phillip Phillips net worth

Net Worth: $1 Million

About Phillip Phillips

Phillip Phillips net worth

Phillip Phillips is one of the most well known contestants from the TV show called “American Idol”. It has also been reported that the current sum of Phillip Phillips net worth reaches 1 million dollars, which makes him a starting millionaire in the industry. He was the winner of the “American Idol” of its 11th season. He became the winner in 2012 and continued his career as a successful musician since then. Thus, this career has added up to the overall amount of Phillip Phillips net worth a lot. His coronation song was called “Home” and it was recognized as the best coronation song ever performed by a contestant of “American Idol”. In the same year as he won the show, Phillip Phillips first album was released and it was called “The World from the Side of the Moon”. The sales of his debut album also increased the overall sum of Phillip Phillips net worth.

Phillip Phillips was born in 1990 in Georgia. When he graduated from high school, he enrolled to study at Albany Technical College, where he was a student of Industrial Systems Technology. However, he was not able to attend graduation because he was already competing on “American Idol”.

Before he became a well known star of this show, Phillip Phillips was also working in a pawn shop, which belongs to his parents.

When he was 14 years old, Phillip Phillips was involved into music industry already. One person who influenced his choice into getting involved into music was his brother-in-law named Benjamin Neil. With him, Phillip Phillips even created a band called “Phillip Phillips Band”. With this group, Phillip Phillips appeared in a lot of events and venues. In 2010, he competed in one local event and became a winner of it, the event being called “Albany Star”. People who have influenced his music style have been singers such as Johny Lang, Dave Matthews and John Butler.

Also, before he became a contestant on the show which made him a millionaire and increased Phillip Phillips net worth, he was also appearing on another similar TV show called “America’s Got Talent”, however, he did not appear in its finals. In his first audition of “American Idol”, Phillip Phillips performed a song by Stevie Wonder called “Superstition”. The second performance of his was playing a guitar and singing a song by Michael Jackson called “Thriller”. He was able to appear on Hollywood stage and later on Las Vegas stage.

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