Pink net worth

Pink net worth

Net Worth: $70 Million

About Pink

Pink net worth

Alecia Beth Moore, better known as Pink or P!nk, is an American musician, singer, songwriter and an occasional actress. She started her professional career performing with all-girls group Choice and gained wider recognition following the release of her first solo single “There You Go”. Her debut album, entitled Can’t Take Me Home, was released in 2000. Although it received mixed critical reviews, this album sold over 2 million copies in the United States and was eventually certified Platinum by Recording Industries Association of America. What made Pink and international star was her collaboration single “Lady Marmalade”, recorded with Mya, Christina Aguilera and Lil’ Kim. This hit garnered Pink her first Grammy and became her first song to top Billboard Hit 100. As for 2013, Pink net worth is estimated at $70 million dollars, making her one of the most commercially successful recording artists in her own generation.

Alecia was born in Abington, in a family of Jim and Judith Moore. Her father was a former solder, Vietnam War veteran and unprofessional musician, while her mother worked as a nurse in a local hospital.

Still in Central Bucks High School, Alecia joined her first music band, Middleground. In contrast to the popular belief, as a teenager Pink did not dream of becoming a singer. For more than eight years she was concentrating on gymnastics and hoped one day she would earn an Olympic gold in this field. The man who encouraged her to take the career path, which eventually boosted Pink net worth to tens of millions, was her father, a talented guitar player and singer. Although Middleground disbanded after meeting the first obstacle, Alecia was not going to give up on her singing career.

At the age 16 she formed R&B band Choice, which consisted of Pink plus her friends Chrissy Conway and Stephanie Galligan. Their demo “Key to My Heart” was overheard by L.A. Raid, co-founder of La Face Records. For those who don’t know much about this man, L.A. Reid is an influential record executive, producer and songwriter, who worked with such stars as Avril Lavigne, Mariah Carey, Kanye West and Rihanna. After more than twenty years in music industry, L.A. Reid fortune is significantly superior to Pink net worth: he currently holds capital and assets evaluated at $300 million.

Although at first this producer agreed to sign the whole band, by the end of the year he gave Alecia an ultimatum: she could either abandon Choice and go solo, or go home and stop wasting his time. Working with LaFace Records, Pink recorded her debut album Can’t Take Me Home. Due to the success of three singles, “You make Me Sick”, “Most Girls” and “There You Go”, the album went multi-platinum in a number of countries and boosted Pink net worth to enviable heights.

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